The thing called change

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Author Gerald Jamposky; defines love as freedom from fear. According to him, there is either fear or love. If we are afraid, there is no room for love in our hearts.

Being alone creates the syndrome of separation, anger, guilt and fear. We want to get rid of fear and take shelter in love and to have love for us all the time.

Whether we want change or not, it will definitely happen, life is an opportunity to learn. What do you do every day to feel good about yourself? You cannot change by blaming others or playing the victim role.

We always hear that the world is changing rapidly. Change is a part of life, just as every beginning and ending is a change. Although the change in life is constant, its reflection in people is far from being rapid and rooted. The reason for this is that there is a lot of mental confusion and the resistance mechanisms in humans. Positive change is difficult for a mind with prejudices and conditioning. The healthy functioning of the mind, heart and behavior centers is very important for personal change and progress.

Every moment, everything changes from being old to something new. So what are you doing?

Do you still want to keep complaining about what you didn't get in life?

Are you saying it came like this and goes like this?

Or has it passed me by now? What else could this system be like?

Will you continue to deliberately make excuses? If you really want to change, you can change.

Will you start creating your physical health, harmony and peace within you now?

If you haven't started action now, do you intend to?

You can also ask yourself the following question; Do I really want to change?

Don't you want a change that will lead you to attitudes and behaviors that will make your life meaningful and enthusiastic by not getting caught up in details, not getting caught up in complexes, noticing your shortcomings, not neglecting yourself, leaving your unhappy and unsuccessful attitudes and behaviors?

If we want a healthy society, we should not forget that a healthy society consists of healthy individuals. For public health, we must first realize our own health, in all respects at every level...

If you really want to change, you can change. If you are willing to do the necessary work in this regard, the changes you will make will make your life even better.

One, life is an opportunity to learn, change that will happen whether we want it or not.

You are free to be who you want to be. Individual development; It is a phenomenon that everyone wants, but few have the courage to do something about it with patience.

If you are willing to do the necessary work in this regard, the changes you will make will make a difference in your life.

I have no power over you. I cannot do this for you.

You have to constantly remind yourself that the power is in your hands.

And when you really want change, you will find a lot of information that will give you a variety of ideas.

The universe does not withhold its extraordinary help from you.

It lays out everything you need right in front of you.

If you can change a little, you will soon start to feel great. However, the changes brought by new and positive influences in your life will carry you to other awarenesses. At some point, it will create the option to leave the past behind and start a new life, a new world.

And change will happen whether you want it or not. Life is an opportunity for positive change for those who are aware…

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