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Stop Blaming Yourself or Anyone Else; Everyone Gets What They Deserve

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8 months ago

People make their own choices in life. Right or wrong.

It determines its own direction on the road ahead. At the end of the road, he decides which door he will enter through. Of course, choices are not always right.

Life is full of ups and downs, sometimes like a minefield, sometimes like a mouthful of oxygen penetrating your lungs, under trees, among flowers. You will meet many friends on the way you walk. It can be said to your gait while you are walking fast, or it can talk and say a lot about you in the future. If there is a phenomenon mentioned with the truth in the middle, the question according to whom comes to mind. Some go step by step, some take a break without hurrying around and go by enjoying seeing all the places, while others do their best to reach their destination without looking around much. However, in this story, all of them choose and apply their own way that they like, like, like, and prefer. Maybe it is wrong, maybe it is right, but with these choices, he sees this process. He has friends and friends with whom he walks at the same time. They talk about what they have done for a long time, they long for each other, they travel together for a while, and they separate again for a while. We said elections, elections.

However, from the day they start telling each other that the choices are always wrong and right, troubles begin. Either one side is right or the other. The side that does not want to meet in the middle always tries to turn the situation around. The other says, I wonder what's going on, if I go this way, but if he wants to be right, he says, I think we should go from here, you should walk with me, let's not leave each other. The friend, who cannot go the way he wants, always puts his wishes in the background and continues with him. One day, his friend with whom he went says we should go this way too. The other one objects, if I leave from there, we will meet again later, the moment the other says, the other gets angry and you are leaving me here, look, is this friendship? A discussion begins between them, and the problems grow between those who do not go all the way, sometimes willingly and sometimes unwillingly, and the one they follow. And he says to the friend he is chasing, I'll go from here, see you when the path crosses in the future; If you don't want the answer, don't come, I'll leave, but if you let go, he'll scoff that you don't come across me in the future. The other, in the surprise of the event, looks after him because we came all this way together, but he left without a care. And he tells himself: stop blaming yourself or anyone else; everyone gets what they deserve.

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Written by   41
8 months ago
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