Pink painted walls and the pink dreams of the girl staring at that wall

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Have you ever wondered about a young girl's world?

Pink painted walls in her tiny room;

 Don't forget to call it wall paint! Much more than paint and color. Why there are so many colors, girls like pink the most. The color pink is Child's purity, the color of that fragile little girl who will not die in her despite all the difficulties she will go through throughout her life.

 Posters hanging on the wall;

His love for the person he admires and wants to sing like him. If you only knew the sacrifices he made to go to the concert of the artist on that poster. The school allowances she receives from his family are never spent that week. She doesn't buy his favorite apple pie just to save money. She doesn't care about the polka dot dress she sees in the window, because going to that concert is her biggest dream. We will go to that concert and get an autograph from that artist and of course a square photograph will be taken to be placed next to the poster hanging on the wall. It doesn't matter how you came out in that photo, it can be in a blurry photo, as long as she has seen the artist he is a fan of.

She is the moment when her favorite singer's favorite song plays and she jumps on the bed and a water bottle turns into a microphone in her hand. Her eyes close and she is a world star at that moment. The world-famous star is giving a concert to millions of people on the most important platform of his life. Here is the poster hanging on the wall, she is hope.

 Toy barbie doll;

Actually, this doll is her dream world. Sometimes her best friend is the one she secretly whispers in her ear with whom she shares her secret.

Sometimes, it is a baby that gives the feeling of motherhood, which is the sacred duty that separates her from the man, which is given to the woman in creation.

She is the moment when she feels like her mother, even in a toy. Protective instinct, efforts to keep that baby from getting lost. He is jealous of his friends coming home. If her mother gives that doll to other children to play with, it's incredibly scary for that girl.

And the most fun part is she sews little clothes for the baby. ornaments. She combs and selects her hair. This is the greatest happiness and pride for her . Just like a mother sees her baby beautiful.


And the locked notebook on the desk;

When she wakes up, she runs and sits at the table and tells what she saw in her dream during the night in that notebook. Long writes.

When she does not get the permission she wants from her mother and gets angry, of course she does not respond aggressively to her mother, but there are pages of things that she will not do to her own daughter when she grows up and becomes a mother.

When he comes back from school, she runs to his room and sits down at his desk, excitedly opening his notebook, because he can't wait to summarize his whole day at school. She wants to tell about the sweet boy she looked at while eating a hamburger in the canteen. She pauses every now and then and feels his cheeks blushing from embarrassment, how pure emotions..


Here, that locked notebook contains the feelings of the girl who stepped into youth.

That young girl weaves her dreams, thread by thread.

You see purity, cleanliness and sometimes crazy bullshit.


How about missing that notebook from the study table :))

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I want to that girl who weaves her dreams little by little

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1 year ago

Oh barbie doll, I don't know the feeling of having it. I never experienced to have a doll since I was a child.. I never had a chance to own or have some of it back then.

A missing diary? Oh she might cry looking for it. All of her secrets was there.

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1 year ago

each of us individually kept our secrets and stories hidden in that diary. I would love to read them now :)

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1 year ago