Instead of accepting things as true as they are, start questioning.

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From home when a woman leave...

They leave bigger gaps behind them.

When they leave one day, there are many 'orphans' after them:

The cupboard in the kitchen, the curtains, the old buttons in the jar, the shrunken clothes carefully hidden, the ribbons at the bottom of the cupboards...

In the dark of the morning, the clicking coming from the kitchen stops, the plates are orphaned.

When a woman leaves, the water of the pots is always forgotten.

She often bows her head 'yellow girl'.

No one knows the meaning of that one old glass, no one can understand the value of the chrome pilgrimage bowl.

Balcony is now quiet, lonely corridor.

When a woman goes...

When a woman goes, how many people actually go;

a heavy worker

a cleaner,

a caregiver,

a gardener,

an accountant…

a mother goes…

a friend…

a friend…

a lover…

How many people perish when a woman is gone.

It always happens like this; when a woman leaves; Praises, warnings, complaints, prayers become orphans.

'Be careful...' is not heard in the doorway, her mother is gone, 'don't be late'.

Women, leaves big emptiness behind their backs.

When a woman is gone, actually many women are gone.

And when a woman left, she left many "orphans" behind.

Another issue;

So what happens as your Consciousness rises?

The speeches of those who have not yet become as conscious as you do begin to not taste old to you.

You look for people who are like you and start meeting them somehow and forming new friendships.

Instead of accepting what was told to you as true, you begin to question it.

Fears are reduced.

You no longer feel compelled to do the things you used to do.

You start to express yourself much more easily.

You can easily say "No" to things you don't want.

You start to enjoy being alone.

You begin to question whether you are living your life the way you really want to live.

You go after what really excites you.

Negativities will not upset you as much as before.

Instead of worrying about things that go wrong, you focus on finding solutions.

Troublesome things around don't affect you.

You don't worry about the future.

When something bad happens to you, you won't be as upset as you used to be.

When someone insults you or shouts at you, you are not affected and you do not feel the need to react in the same way.

The need to defend yourself when someone falsely accuses you you don't hear.

Compliments don't affect you like they used to.

You don't feel the need to be approved and appreciated.

Your desire and effort to prove something to someone ends.

Mind conversations that disturb you gradually become less and less audible.

Emotions such as anger or sadness come from time to time, but their effects on you pass in minutes, they don't cling to you and they can't bother you for days.

You don't envy other people's wealth.

You don't care what people think of you.

You don't categorize people and you treat everyone the same.

You forgive mistakes very quickly.

Whatever happens outside, there is joy for no reason inside.

You will be yourself everywhere and in front of everyone.

You begin to realize that everyone is part of the same Self within.

The world begins to feel like a playground.

No one can disturb the peace you always feel inside.

With love

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