If you want to have something or if you want something to happen, you will really want 'it'.

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The more you dream of something, the more you want it, the more you regret it when it doesn't come true. The best thing is to try to get whatever you want without keeping your expectations too high, if you need it in your life.

To want and to find the power to want in yourself. Everyone wants something, but some can't. Wanting is a desire rather than a need. Need is more essential. It's as if want is not. Most people can't want. He expects it to be given. Or he wants to be with thoughtful people. In case they give it unwillingly. Wanting is not saying "goodbye" for some, a weakness for some, not deserving for others.

Instead of asking, they steward the wishes of others. It is easier to defend someone else's rights. Because he doesn't really want anything for himself. What if he wants something for himself?

Some people are afraid to ask. Not getting it or being disappointed. From being rejected. Desire and self develop in parallel. They confuse want with greed. It is paired with being cheeky.

Desire exists to make up for the lack. It is the desire to have what is not. Deficiency is corrected. Perhaps, according to some, there is no need to reject the deficiency, and according to others, there is no need to ask because the deficiency can never be eliminated. Those who don't know or can't want are actually avoidant. They also run away from their own wishes.

To want is to relate, to relate. It is the opposite of what I want and what I think. Those who can't want are a little depressed, feel guilty. Maybe he believed he had no right. It confuses needs with desires. It is enough to have as much as he needs. He's not too much anyway. The self wants, the ego desires. The self's food is "wants." Even though he knows he can't get it, he continues to want it.

Even if he can't get it until it is achieved, he lives with his dream. To be able to want means to know that it is not complete and to be open to structuring and development. If a person either has a magnificent self, he does not want it, or if he has such a weak and weak self. Wanting, being able to want is a criterion of development. It is the criterion for aiming at development.

Reluctance only happens in depression. You don't even want to ask. You don't want to talk like your mouth is plastered. You can't ask if the clouds of despair cover your being. To want is to hope, to hope is to want.

Some think they are not worthy. In order to want, you must first deserve. And they think they don't deserve at all. And they come and go into the world just to meet the other's wishes. They think that chasing other people's desires will alleviate the guilt they feel. "Guilt" does not end with serving theother.

Not being able to want and giving up on wanting is the greatest punishment a person can give himself in life. By enjoying his conviction with extremely strict limits, they pour the guilt, moreover, they unwillingly aggravate their punishment that punishment is the expiation of the crime.

Those who think it is a shame to ask are not aware of the shame they inflict on themselves. They weave with the faults of their own selves, they commit it with sin. Shame, sin, prohibition, what do people say....

So what does your own self say? It is difficult for people to have the courage to embark on their own inner journey. Because the disappointments, neglect and abuse, deprivation and spiritual weakness they experience in this journey are worth seeing, but it also creates worthlessness at the level of consciousness.

It's like an arid desert full of desires but unfulfilled. The self is fragile and sensitive, its desires are so alive and lively, but pressed by the person.

Now the requests are mixed. Is this my mother's wish or mine? Your society or mine? What is my self limit, how confused it is with the other. How much I am me, how much I am the other's self.

Wanting starts when you're a baby. It continues to want a baby with milk, crying, breast and affection. If it is not given, it gives up asking. It is fried in its own oil. He is content with what he can roast, and lives with what he is satisfied with. And then he gets offended.

Do you have to become unable to want in order to want? Do you have to be pushed by someone from behind to want it? Or being poked by impulses you don't listen to?

There is no end to desire and wanting. But the end of giving up desires and not being able to want is a bottomless dark pit.

“I saw the bottom of my reluctance,” says one of my clients. I don't want to see anymore. I know the end of my not wanting. At that time, while struggling in the bottomless pit, I experienced the despair of not being able to want, and I paid the price of giving up on my wishes with not being able to enjoy it.

If I can enjoy it, if I can want it, then I'm in. The biggest indicator of being able to want is the result of the decision made between being obscure and coming forward. The unseen is the one who does not want to be seen, does not want to think that he is not wanted. Wanting also corresponds to demanding.

To want is to be active. Standing up to the passive is what paves the way for being dynamic.

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Having wants is not a bad thing, and speaking about it will not jinx it. I keep reminding myself about this.

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nice point of view, congrats, thanks for the comment

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Good article 👍

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