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Betrayal is perhaps one of the greatest pains that human beings can experience in the world. Even poets, in poems and songs, are angry if you compare separation and betrayal with death, and they say that betrayal always hurts a person even more than death.

Because in betrayal, there are infuriating and hurtful meanings such as being deceived, made a fool of, in fact not loved at all, maybe even used, disliked, humiliated, which hurts a lot. And it breaks at the thinnest point.

When these negative emotions, which are very challenging for human beings, come together, an unexpected anger emerges, sometimes even surprising the person himself.

Even if there is no real betrayal in some sick people, the slightest development or sensation that reminds the person of this is perceived as a real betrayal, and the brutal murders that we often read about in the newspapers are committed.

Some of these murders are committed at the time of the incident, that is, when the real betrayal is seen or learned. Maybe if the person who committed those murders could give himself some time to think through the incident, move on, take a deep breath and consider what options he had in such a situation, the fate of both himself and his relatives, such as his children, and of course, the person who cheated on him would change.

This change will be a positive change in any case, he will not spend the rest of his life in prisons, and his children will not be left without a mother and father.

For all these reasons, when a person learns that he has been cheated on, he should not act immediately, take sudden decisions, first take a deep breath and check once again whether he is mistaken, then not talk about it with anyone for at least 24 hours, get out of his bad mood for a little bit. first of all, he should try to evaluate the event as objectively as possible with a clear head.

Because the smallest mistake to be made at this first moment can have consequences that can greatly affect the future of the person.

For example, to break up with anger or to decide to break up with a spouse or lover immediately in anger.

After that, the event should be shared with a psychologist, if possible. Of course, this may be a friend or a close relative, but an objective, impartial observation and an unbiased interpretation are very important here. Sometimes big plane trees are toppled due to small betrayals, people who spend years together. divorce, families break up.

Will there be a small betrayal?

I think it does, because today betrayal is a phenomenon that almost half of people experience in one way or another. If half or almost half of the people are betrayed, it means that the number of people who can betray their spouses or lovers is very high in the society.

I am not saying this especially for our society, maybe this rate is much lower for us, but it is a scientific fact that betrayal is becoming more and more common all over the world. As for the reason; Hunger and misery are not as common in the world as they used to be. For example, the country we live in is no longer a poor country.

Education levels have risen again all over the world and freedoms have increased. Now, the female sex has proven its existence, strength and abilities to the whole world. Although all these were very positive developments, they increased the desires and made it difficult to satisfy.

The gradual weakening of old habits and rules such as reaching things that he could not even imagine in the past, that is, the gradual spread of freedom, mobilized human emotions along with it. Demands increased, satisfaction became more difficult. All these, perhaps many more reasons that I could not express in this limited time, paved the way for deception and betrayal.

Here I would like to suggest to the audience to be a little more tolerant. We are all human, we can make mistakes. And the world we live in is very conducive to making such mistakes. Perhaps even among those who attend or listen to the program, there are many people who betray or have been betrayed. The truth is not to betray. Being honest always takes courage and virtue.

Weak people or those who cannot absorb financial power betray the most. But still, let's not succumb to our anger in the face of betrayal and try to understand the person in front of us. Because not every betrayal is an insult, humiliation or a serious reason for separation.

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Topics: Truth, Friendship, Love, Life, Live, ...