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We constantly complain to each other about how the Earth is left without a mantle, how weather changes will kill us, and no one wants to do one thing that will help the planet: to plant a tree!

Planting a tree (trees) is one of the most beautiful and noble gestures that a person can make towards nature, other people and himself.

In this article, I will give you a nine reasons why you should plant a tree:

  1. Trees produce oxygen

    Every being on the planet inhales oxygen, and without it, life as we know it would not be possible. A planet without trees is a planet without oxygen, and a planet without oxygen is a planet without people.

  2. Trees absorb carbon dioxide

    People exhale, trees inhale. That connection is something that keeps this world in perfect harmony. Trees help create a natural barrier to reduce the flow of gases, absorb various pollutants and ammoniac.

  3. Trees prevent erosion

    Landslides can be very dangerous to people's lives and property, and there is no better way to prevent landslides than to cover critical areas with forest.

  4. Trees clear the land

    Trees absorb harmful substances and chemicals from the soil and act as a filter, thus purifying the soil, making it suitable for growing and growing other plants.

  5. The trees provide us with shade during the hot summer days

    Anyone who has experienced being at plus 40 degrees Celsius, without any shelter around them, knows how desirable the shade of a tree or forest is at that moment.

  6. Trees muffle noise

    You probably already know, trees are omnipotent. It even attenuates noise, which is also considered a type of major environmental pollution, and which has been particularly pronounced in recent decades, with the development of technology.

  7. Trees are home, shelter and protection for many animals

    Newly formed forests lead to increase in insects, which attracts various birds and small mammals. Targeted forest creation helps animal species to move at the end when weather conditions affect their habitat. The trees provide a habitat, a nesting place, a safe source of food and pollen for pollinators throughout the year. This is very important because pollinators are an important factor in growing any crop.

  8. Trees protect from the strong winds

    It is well known that tree lines and forests can protect entire settlements and cities from strong winds, by making a living wall and preventing the winds from reaching maximum strength.

  9. Trees beautify the environment

    It is certainly better to have a view of the vast forests than the vast wild landfills…

    Forests are the lungs of the planet. Every year, the Earth loses a large part of its forests, both due to fires and logging. And just as the lungs of smokers are slowly and irreversibly dying out, so the lungs of the planet are disappearing faster and faster. One of the best ways to save our blue planet is for each of us to plant at least one tree during our lifetime. So you will thank nature for giving you life, and so you will preserve the planet for future generations.

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Topics: Ecology


We need to be aware of how important wood is. I plant trees in my garden and enjoy it.

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