How to choose a pet for a child

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Almost every parent is faced with children`s request to get a pet. We all know that we will succumb sooner or later, but we are also know that the "honeymoon" is short. When the innitial excitement passes, kids forgets about their new "friends". Basically, most of the responsibilities fall on the parents' shoulders, if we do not carefully plan the purchase of a pet and do not consider all the obligations that this entails. If your family has not had any pets so far, I suggest you start with the less demanding ones.

A Fish

A well-chosen fish can be a great pet for a beginner. Everyone mostly takes the so-called "goldfish" (Japanese carp), and it is good choice, because they do not need filters, heaters and other complicated aquaristic equipment.


The most popular reptiles are turtles. They act benign, are not difficult to maintain, and are not as dangerous to a child as other reptiles (such as snakes). They live long, and the bonus is that they do not cause allergies, unlike other hairy and feathered pets, although the American Academy of Pediatrics warns that reptiles can transmit Salmonella.


Birds can be great pets, but you must know that they are much more demanding than the previous two species. They require daily attention and can be very intelligent and sociable. Those more expensive species such as arenas and cockatoos require more attention but also provide more interaction than less demanding canaries and tigers. It is very important that you can see with feathered pets whether the child is ready for a dog or a cat.


Cute little soft rodents can be a great source of joy and enjoyment for the whole family. They go from little mice, through guinea pigs, hamsters and guinea pigs, to not so small rabbits and hares. If you decide for them, know that they are not very easy to train (it is not impossible) and that they require a high degree of hygienic activities, which means changing the substrate in the cage every day. They reproduce very quickly and easily, so be careful if you do not want a full house. Some of them (hamsters) live very short, a year - two days, so that can be quite disappointing for a child. They do not require much space, but they can do damage because they like to nibble on cables.


It's hard to think that anything with six legs can be your child's pet. They are very popular in the west, and in our country they are a little harder to find - ant farms can be a beautiful decoration and a nice display of the functioning of real life. Watching ants and their activities can be a lot of fun and educational at the same time.


The cats are just beautiful. Children adore them because they are sweet and soft. They are not very difficult to maintain due to their innate independence, they do not require too much time. They easily learn to defecate in a certain place. The only thing they require is a regular visit to the vet. However, before you get a cat, make sure that someone in the family is not allergic to it. Iwould not reccomand them for very little kids, because they can scratch the kid. Cats are indenpendent and if you go to travel, it will not be a problem - anyone can take care of them for a few days.


There are people of the opinion that if you have not had a dog you don`t even know what it means to have a pet. It is true that you get the most from a dog, but in return you have to give the most. So before you get a dog as a pet for your child, think carefully. First of all, consider whether your child is big enough to just take the dog for a walk or to warm his food. Also, avoid large breeds if the idea is for your child to take a dog and if you do not have a large living space. Females are generally more peaceful than males (although this is not always the rule), so pay attention to that when deciding to get a dog. I definitely recommend that you adopt a dog, not buy it. If you do this in cooperation with one of the foster care organizations, you will receive all the necessary recommendations for keeping a dog. While everyone loves puppies, an adult dog who is accustomed to leashing and walking can be easier to adjust to living in an apartment. Dogs lives average about 15 years, and some breeds up to 20 years. They are going out for a walk at least 3-4 times a day, they have to run, cuddle… But, the love you get from a dog is invaluable and is rarely found in other pets.

Why pets are good for children

  • Children become more responsible and learn the joys and beauties of helping others.

  • With animals, children discover the world of nature and learn how animals behave in their habitats.

  • Sharing and playing with pets teaches children to respect other people's feelings.

  • Pets relieve tension and stress.

  • Along with pets, children also learn how to express their feelings.

  • By playing with animals, your children will spend less time with electronic devices.

    No matter which pet you will choose, it is important for children`s development to have a pet. Growing up with animals can be a great privilege and wealth for your child. A well-chosen and carefully groomed pet can bring years of enjoyment and joy to your family.

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