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My first Hardware wallet to store my Bitcoin Cash :)

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4 days ago

Hello everyone, how are you doing? today I want to talk about something cool, safety or our crypto, in my case of My Bitcoin Cash, since I have earned a few good tips by @MarcDeMesel Here and it was enough to reach my goal and buy me a hardware wallet, and my idea is to save all my Earned Bitcoin Cash in the wallet,

Easy, safe, and fast to use, my saving will be even safer, of course, there is a lot of good wallets out there, but I want to have this experience with a hardware wallet and see how it works, let me show a few things.

The wallet I bought is the SecuX w20:

Some features of this one:

SecuX STONE W20 Fantasy product is mobility built for outdoor use. Manage your crypto assets safely and make transactions on-the-go.

  • Embedded with "Infineon" (Germany Company) CC EAL5+ certified Secure Element chip

  • Large 2.8” Color Touchscreen display

  • Dual Connectivity - USB & Bluetooth

  • Cross-platform Compatibility

  • Connect SecuX wallet with SecuX Mobile iOS/Android App

  • Long Battery Life

For now, it's a really good wallet, and I can sign it on my computer, or browser to send transactions, and if I just want to receive BCH I just need to turn it on and send it to my address in the wallet:

Redline for the safety of my address.

So, this part is basically a paper wallet, with no connexion anywhere, I just need to send it to my address and check on the blockchain if it arrives, the only way to connect the wallet is from Bluetooth or USB cable to make the transaction, so if I just want to save Bitcoin Cash, I just need to send and keep it there.

This wallet supports also the most bigger player in the crypto market, but I'm only interested in BCH, this hardware wallet will be my vault, my savings.

I tested it to see if everything is ok:

Sent some Bitcoin Cash to see how it works, after that I've reset my wallet and imported my seed words from zero, and well, worked fantastic, all good to go now, I just need to start using it for my Bitcoin Cash saving, for now, and on all my tips will go there and let's see what the future will bring to us.

This hardware wallet is really safe, just make sure to not lose your seed words if you need it, and don't forget your password to access your BCH too:

I didn't mention the price, but I've paid around 150$ including the shipment to my country, so it was for sure a good investment to keep my BCH safe, and is for long term HoDL, now let's enjoy and keep earning some crypto here, thank you all for your time and for the opportunity.

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Written by   145
4 days ago
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