How a Normal BCH user like me can help the BCH Community?

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Hello guys, today I want to share some cool things that I've done on the for all the BCH community, I'll show how you can help the community even if you are not a programmer, whale, trader ... Just as a Normal Person.

For those that Has seen my posts, a lot of translations, yeah this is my way to help the community in my way, and today I want to share something special That I've done in the past month, and everyone can do to help.

I've discovered Crowding and something got my attention, The Electron cash translation was almost 90% done into my language (Portuguese), So I took a few hours to finish and to make some correction into the translation.

and boom, completed it.

Awesome, Thanks to me and a few other users now electron cash is fully translated to Portuguese.

This is awesome, anyone can help, let's make this community the Most awesome in the CryptoSpace, lets help in the way that we can.

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I accept myself that I pass, to be you are my sponsor. I followed the steps that they've given. Like go to sponsorhip. And click get sponsor. Maybe someone They like me. To be entering in their community. And to earn.

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