Earning a Brazilian Minimum Wage on read.cash - The power of Bitcoin Cash

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Hello everyone, in this post I want to summarize something really interesting, the power of crypto, but more specifically the power of Bitcoin Cash, yeah, because Bitcoin Cash is the only cryptocurrency right now that gives you this opportunity, only here on read.cash if you do some hard work it's possible to earn a monthly income of a Brazilian Person(Base on the minimum Wage) and I want to talk about it and show how this is possible.

This is a great step on cryptocurrency, bringing freedom and opportunities for those, and it's not only in Brazil, but I also bet that read.cash can provide income to people in different countries.

I've invited many Brazilian here, And I See some of then are already posting, participating and I'm really happy with it, when free BCH is distributed it's not only free money, it's an opportunity, it increases adoption, we are getting more users, more histories, more awareness, we are growing as a Crypto and as a Community.

With Bitcoin Cash growing like this, for sure it will be the currency of the century, I'm glad to join and be part of it.

So that's it? where are we going

If all this that I tested here is really a fact, the Brazilian community can benefit a lot from this artifact, it is nice that they see that it is possible to win cryptocurrencies from home, in a safe way, if you invest, without going into dubious things, just using a portion of your time, and it may not seem like a lot, but amounts like 4 $ which seems little to people in better places economically can be something very good for a country in a crisis like Brazil, yes with only 3-4 $ you can buy a PIZZA, which is a meal for 2-4 people (depending on the kind of people hehe) and they can earn it with just one publication here?


See, let's do some calculations, nothing so hard, just consider some facts and rewards, but let's just come up with an idea, suppose that is possible to reach the goal of 6 Dollars a day here on read.cash, with your own posts, that would give 180 dollars in 30 days, and that is equivalent to almost 0.4 Bitcoin cash at the current rate:

Nowhere on the internet gives this chance, only here in read.cash, of course, I am looking into a very optimistic scenario considering the $6 earned per day.

If a person reaches this goal only here in read, cash, with a little more effort they can try also noise.cash where it's possible to get some fractions of BCH, up to 1 $ per day if you are lucky, but I will focus only on 6$ per day for now.

We are going to bring it to the reality of a Brazilian now, and we are going to count on this $6 per day, at the current price, this is about 32 Reais(BRL-Our Fiat Currency):

With all the chaos that we are experiencing, millions of people have become unemployed, and are in debt, many closed merchants, people without income, without work, it is really complicated, but look at this, 32 Reais (BRL) in one day, with cryptocurrencies, without spending a single cent!

Let's continue our count, let's see where we get to:

180 Dollars in a month is equivalent to about 984 Reais:

The minimum wage in Brazil, defined by the government, today is 1100 R$:

Consider that you can earn another $ 20 on noise.cash for example, during one month, this will be a total of 200$ in BCH that you can accumulate in 1 single month:

Well, if you achieve this, you are earning a minimum(Base) Brazilian salary, just with the opportunities that Bitcoin Cash provides to the community, maybe this can be a little to you, but it is not, about 27 Million Brazilians earn up to a minimum salary:

Really interesting, I hope that your journey now becomes more interesting and motivated, even more, if you are having difficulties, You must know that with effort, you can really earn Bitcoin Cash.

This is the strength of Bitcoin Cash, of the true bitcoin of Satoshi Nakamoto, and its strength brings freedom, and thanks to these giant BCH community, here at Read.cash and elsewhere you can actually earn cryptocurrencies without spending anything.

Take the opportunity, every day is a good day to earn Bitcoin Cash.


Keep spreading the word, invite your friends, talk with them about Bitcoin Cash, day by day we are becoming the cryptocurrency of the future, mass adoption.

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3 years ago


Reading this now has me interested in visiting and participating every day! In the US it is such a small amount of money to us that we cannot even eat a single meal for it - but you show here how much of a positive impact it can have on people like you in other places where the currency can buy more. If I can read and help people earn a living, it is time well spent!

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3 years ago

For sure, for some people is not much money, but here is Brazil is something worth it, here people work one full day to earn 6$ :)

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3 years ago

thanks so much for sharing your perspective! more people need to see the power that something like BCH can have around the world!

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3 years ago