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Do you recognize Bitcoin? The Bitcoin Cash Brazil Teaser

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1 year ago

Hello everyone, today I'm here to share something really cool, our community just finished a teaser to spread awareness about Bitcoin Cash and our community, Some of you Might not understand the audio on this video because it's in Portuguese but don't worry, we've made English subtitles, I'm planning some ads for this video(500$), to increase visibility, so expect this video being the most viewed video about Bitcoin Cash in Brazil :)

Do you recognize Bitcoin? Bitcoin is cash, Bitcoin cash!



Many thanks to one of our Members @Adeilton_Filho to make this possible.

Do you recognize bitcoin?

Bitcoin has cheap fees

Facilitates financial democratization

If what you're using

Don't have cheap fees

And Does not facilitate financial democratization

So it's not bitcoin!

Bitcoin enables anonymity

Facilitates shopping privacy

If what you're using doesn't make possible


Does not facilitate privacy when shopping

So it's not bitcoin

Bitcoin is for everyday shopping

Safe against double-spending

in small transactions

Sif what you are using does not fit

for everyday shopping

Not secure for transactions without confirmation

So, what you are using is not bitcoin.

Bitcoin is safe



Bitcoin is digital cash

Bitcoin is Cash, Bitcoin Cash!

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Written by   209
1 year ago
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Então o que quer dizer neste post é que o bitcoin (BTC) não é bitcoin na verdade?

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1 year ago

Let's make BCH the Criptocurrency of the Brazilian

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1 year ago

For sure :)

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1 year ago