Brazil needs a good BitcoinCash community, I need your Help.

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3 years ago

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Hello everyone, I was just talking with a few people ir order to start something, and bring more people to BCH, today I was asked by the Owner of Bitconf if we had any Brazilian community manager, (Group owner, BCH activist, adopter) Sadly there is no one here to fill this gap.

Looks like, Bitconf is searching for someone to spread the Word about BCH, Spakers, stands, maybe more.

So I've decided to create a facebook Group about BCH, focused in Brazil, I'll be active there, discussing news, sharing info, talking with community, spreading the word and trying to get more adoption towards BCH.

I need your help to make things great, join us here:

So, What is Bitconf?

BITCONF was born out of the Bitcoin Brazil Group, from the need to bring together people in the group to socialize and debate.

Today the event is a major gathering of technology communities and the largest and oldest event on Bitcoin, Blockchain, and cryptocurrencies in the country, being held since 2014.

During the event, Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are approached from various angles: social, economic, political, technological and philosophical. Several related issues are discussed, for an audience from beginners to advanced profiles.

The last edition brought together more than 1,200 participants, 38 national and 4 international speakers, 21 booths from various exchanges, altcoins and Tokens, workshops and courses on Blockchain and mining in two days of the event.

After 6 editions that took place between the South, Southeast, and Midwest of the country, we decided to take BITCONF to the Northeast, so that people from that region who could not go to other states could also participate in lectures, courses and workshops presence that BITCONF offers.

We then held the I BITCONF Summer Edition, on the 16th and 17th of November, in Fortaleza, CearĂ¡. This special edition of BITCONF had 35 speakers, 5 international, 24 booths for startups, exchanges, crypto, YouTubers and vending machine.

Why me?

I've worked for several projects here in Brazil, also I've worked on Bitconf 2 years ago, I know a few developers, Exchanges Owners, Influencers, Crypto news websites, and I would like to use this to make BitcoinCash bigger, I want to build a Great Community here, in the same way, we have some big player for Bitcoin, Decreed, Dash, and more.

It's just a small step for now, But I'll create a website and landing page linking to Facebook group and telegram, I've been talking with a few persons in BCH too and I'll share the good news with everyone there.

For now, I want to ask you a little help, All the BCH collected in this article will be used for Domains, Hosting and Boosting the Facebook Group to reach people interested in BCH, and there is a lot out there:

1. Young population (average age is 32 yo)

2. High proportion of crypto holders (8.2% of total population)

3. Legal crypto exchanges with links to local banks

4. Widespread of mobile/online banking (82%)

Why not BitcoinCash?

You can donate to this unique address, for the Brazil Community development:


You can also tip this post :)

If you want to help with designs, logos and more, please talk with me, thanks :)

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3 years ago


How can I help with your logos and design. Iim using an Android phone ordinary phone. But maybe I can help for sign in into clip claps. I already download it on my phone.

And some of there is open about posting,watching you tubes. And I also tried some app. Games that can also earn Satoshi. That can paid for Palawan, Gcash,

What information we need to know, for me to gained a help.

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3 years ago

Good idea! Watching your progress. Kudos for taking the initiative. :)

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3 years ago

I'm planning a few more things, Let's make get that community strong

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3 years ago