Our best friends are pets

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Pets are part of our daily lives and families. It not only befriends us, but also provides emotional and physical support. The fact that more and more people want to own a pet every day is a proof of this.

Laying the foundations of love for animals in children in infancy; It is very important in terms of raising strong and healthy individuals who have self-confidence, can empathize.

They help us get away from negative emotions

Thinking of a close friend after a bad experience helps you feel better. It has also been suggested that thinking about your pet has the same effect. In a study of 97 pet owners, participants were unknowingly exposed to a negative social experience. They are then asked to write an essay about their best friend or pet or draw a map of their college campus. This study showed that participants who wrote about their pet or best friend showed no negative emotions even after negative social experiences and were equally happy.

They can help reduce the risk of allergies

Contrary to popular belief, having a pet does not make you more susceptible to allergies.

In fact, studies show that owning a pet from childhood can reduce the risk of animal allergies later on. Studies of young adults have found that people who have a pet at home during infancy are approximately 50% less likely to develop an allergic reaction to animals. According to this; It can be said that there is no harm in keeping a pet in a family with children (unless there is an existing allergy).

They encourage exercise and socialization

Studies show that people who own pets tend to exercise more than other people. At the same time, it has been observed that pet owners are more social and more capable of overcoming situations such as loneliness and social isolation. This is true for people of all ages, but has been noted to be especially true for older pet owners.

They make us healthier

The American Heart Association has stated that pets help us be healthier. It has been seen that having a pet regulates blood pressure, lowers cholesterol levels, and reduces the risk of developing obesity and cardiovascular diseases. Studies have shown that cat owners are 40% less likely to have a heart attack or stroke than other people. Experts do not yet know exactly how pets "improve" our health, but they are confident that they improve our health.

They help develop self-esteem

A study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology in 2011 found that pet owners not only have higher self-confidence, but also feel a greater sense of belonging and are more extroverted than non-pet owners. This may be because animals make us feel needed, or because they attach themselves to us with unconditional love without judgment.

They organize our lives

Taking daily walks, establishing playtimes, preparing meals and making regular vet visits are just a few of the activities a responsible pet owner should do. Through these activities, pets help us bring routine and discipline into our lives. These mundane tasks become our habits after a while and enable us to be more productive and disciplined in everything we do.

They reduce our stress

Friendship with a dog measurably reduces stress on humans, and there is extensive medical research on the subject. The American Heart Association conducted a study of people with high blood pressure. The findings they obtained; revealed that patients who have pets can keep their blood pressure lower than those who do not, whenever they experience stress throughout their lives. Their unconditional love becomes a support system for us whenever we are stressed.

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Topics: Pets, Life, Love, Health, Motivation, ...


Pets balances human's emotions in a way that we'll never know. 🫰

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