Overlord: a MIST NFT clone out of nowhere; is it reliable?

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The developers of the original Overlord have sold the game to an unknown team of developers who have integrated the NFT and Blockchain mechanics and launched the PVE battle functionality.

Overlord of LORD NFT is a play to earn game that claims to be the first mobile RPG title to successfully integrate the NFT ecosystem. Its resemblance to MIST NFT is more than striking, and there are more than a few who wonder if Overlord is not a direct copy of the promising NFT game. But it isn't. It is not. In fact, Overlord is a game that has existed since July for download on Steam. And I will tell you how

Overlord NFT is NOT a new game

One of the most striking and perhaps suspicious aspects of Overlord has been its very quick launch. It is necessary for the future player and/or investor to know that this game is not a new title.

The developers of the original Overlord, released in July, have sold the game to an unknown developer team that has integrated NFT and Blockchain mechanics. Today it has launched PVE battle functionality. You can now download for Android and iOS Overlord and start playing to earn money. As with MIST NFT, Overlord NFT is made based on texture packs developed in Unity.

You can view Overlord's Steam page by clicking here.

How to Play Overlord on PC and Android Phones

Download Overlord Mobile Game - Official Launching

🔵 Players must own at least ONE pet (PET) - This is a mandatory requirement (Only 1 pet of each type can be deposited).

🔵Players can deposit OVL tokens to purchase in-game items (Minimum deposit of 100 OVL tokens).

How to play?

Step 1: Download and install the game here:

Step 2: Obtain the QR code for login

👉Go to: https://overlord.world/login.html

👉Login with Metamask wallet to get the QR code (Never share QR codes with anyone).

Step 3: Open the mobile game

Step 4: Scan the QR code you have just obtained in Step 2.

Step 5: Create a character and start playing to win.


On the one hand we have the game of overwhelming three-dimensional graphics, very spectacular for an earn to play NFT. We do not know when this Overlord will be available to play. On Steam it is available for download at a price of 13 euros. The developers have not given much information about it.

On the other hand, since September 8 has been enabled a website where you can fight against other monsters and win, stake or farm the game token, LORD. In addition, we can buy chests containing pets that improve our character's skills.

You can download Overlord for iOs and Android on its official website.

Overlord allows players to enjoy and experience this NFT fights integration with a cellular device (Android and iOs) or on computer through the battles website. It is not very clear when the game will be released with 3D graphics. You can access the battles web app by clicking here.

The historical high of the Overlord or LORD cryptocurrency is about $0.01833, while its historical low is about $0.01593.

Token LORD

Launched on September 7, the LORD token is currently priced between one cent and two cents. Twenty-four hour trading volume is approximately $8 605 744, unchanged over the past twenty-four hours.

Its maximum supply is around 1 000 000 000 LORD cryptocurrencies and the total supply is around 600 000 000, without the availability of circulating supply and the live market cap.

The 24-hour low is estimated at $0.01593, while the 24-hour low is $0.01833. In addition, the fully diluted market capitalization of the Overlord or LORD cryptocurrency is approximately $16 631 433 76.

Get real money in Overlord

Según el informe del juego, para ganar dinero en Overlord primero hay que convertirse en rey. Para convertirse en rey y participar en la guerra por el poder, los jugadores deben poseer al menos UN compañero (PET). Este es un requisito obligatorio. Los cofres de mascotas se venden a partir de 5.000 LORDS.

A PET can be owned by opening chests or by buying it directly from the LORD market. There is no limit to the number of pets each player can own.

Cómo ganar: dos tokens Overlord

There are two types of tokens, tokens or cryptocurrencies used in the Overlord ecosystem:

  • The LORD token will be used in the web games (Farming and PvE-Fighting).

  • The OVL token will be used in the mobile game (PvP mode).

After getting at least one PET, the player can join the fight immediately. Players can earn the LORD token through farming and fighting. In addition, players can earn OVL tokens by completing quests and challenges in the game. Players will participate in dramatic battles with other players to complete the challenge. There are 3 game modes for players to fight: Solo, Survival and Deathmatch.

How to buy LORD token

To trade the LORD token you just need to have some BNBs in our Metamask and enter the Overlord token contract in PancakeSwap to make the trade: 0x2daf1a83Aa83Aa348afbcbC73F63BB5Ee3154d9F5776. If you don't know how to do it, we recommend you to read our

Tokenomics of LORD

Smartcontract address: 0x2daf1a83Aa348afbcbC73F63BB5Ee3154d9F5776


Symbol: LORD

Decimal places: 18

Network: Binance Smart Chain

Total supply: 1,000,000,000,000


🔹ILO: 25%.

🔹Liquidity Provide: 25% - Locked for 1 year.

🔹Agriculture: 20%.

🔹Fighting: 20%.

🔹Dev: 8% - Locked for 1 year.

🔹Partnership and Airdrop: 2%.

Mechanism: Use for marketing and product development.

🔹 Purchase quota: 2%.

🔹 Sales quota: 5%.

Anti-Whale Feature: First 15 minutes of PancakeSwap listing, purchase orders will be limited to 125,000 LORD.

Types of chests and pets

Wooden chest:

Price: 5.000 LORD

Open the chest to receive randomly one of the following 10 pets

Evil Bat 17

Poisonous spider 16

Wild wolf 15%

Cobra King 14% Evil Rat 12.5% Evil Rat

Evil Rat 12.5%

Giant Bear 10.5% Giant Bear 10.5%

Green Claw 8.5%

Infernal Monster 4.5%

White Fang 1.5% White Fang 1.5%

Thorned Dragon 0.5% 0.5%

Silver chest:

Price: 15.000 LORD

Open your chest to receive randomly one of the 3 following pets

Evil rat 45%.

Giant bear 30%

Green claw 25%

Gold chest:

Price: 50.000 LORD

Open your chest to receive randomly one of the 3 following pets

Infernal Monster 45

White Fang 30%

Thorned Dragon 25%

Is Overlord a scam?

The release of NFT games that turn out to be scams is becoming more and more the order of the day. Just look at the recent suspicious behavior seen with the double-failed release of the Block Monsters MNSTRS token. All caution is in short supply.

The release of NFT games that turn out to be scams is becoming more and more the order of the day. Just look at the recent suspicious behavior seen with the double-failed release of the Block Monsters MNSTRS token. So I will leave this guide here that I think can help you a lot to identify a scam game.

It is a game that has appeared overnight. Its developers are not known and its official Telegram group has more than 60,000 members, which is curious considering that there are barely 5,000 holders of the LORD token.


Without a doubt Overlord is a very suspicious game that came out of nowhere and if it gives much more question than answer but the decision to invest in it is in your hand because if it is fun to play but has a profit margin somewhat low but to give it a chance is not too much and certainly as well to get something out of it as who says take advantage while it lasts ....

or just ignore me....

so asta qui I say goodbye pandoru1997 asta a next publication and have a nice day ....

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