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Mist NFT: the 'earn to play' gaming revolution that aims to change the industry forever

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Mist will be released for free on Steam in 2022 and aims to be a revolutionary title that will mark a before and after in both the video game industry and the pay-to-play games industry.

Why did MySpace sink into oblivion with the launch of Facebook, and why didn't it offer the same as Zuckerberg's social network? Why did Instagram's stories triumph so much more than those of the app that invented them, Snapchat? The secret, as always, is in the small details: in the presentation. With the video game Mist NFT something similar may happen: MMORPG games already existed before the 2004 launch of World of Warcraft, but Blizzard's title was (and is) so superlative that it acted as a roller, becoming the ultimate exponent of massive online games; similarly, we can say that 2021 is being the year of blockchain NFT video games with which to make money, and that, with the free launch of Mist on Steam, 2022 will be the year of its confirmation. That's right: Mist NFT will be released in early 2022 for download and play on Steam. However, your token is already available to purchase and trade.

Mist is the most solid NFT video game to take the crown in the blockchain earn to play genre. For its technical aspect, interface, playable elements and promising approach to trading on the blockchain, Mist is in a privileged place to become, when it comes out in its premiere, the title that will mark a before and after in the gaming ecosystem of the cryptocurrency world.

What is Mist?

Mist is an action RPG game that runs on the blockchain and is based on the use of NFTs, staking and farming. We will have to wait a bit for the release date. It will be available for download on Steam for free in 2022. It is developed under the Unity platform (using the Mist NFT Game Framework, MNGF), and provides players with an immersive three-dimensional, third-person environment (as in WOW) with five playable character classes and a generous selection of spells, skills and environments. Mist will allow us to farm for tokens, and most importantly: collect NFT's in-game.

These NFT's are the backbone of the title and the reason why it is so attractive: these NFT's are objects that we can buy in the marketplace (in exchange for BNB) and use with our character to improve their skills, or sell them in-game and on third-party platforms.

When is Mist: release date on Steam?

Despite Mist's release date on the Steam platform being set for 2022, its namesake token has already started making noise. This week, with the announcement of the launch this Friday, August 6, of the Mist Marketplace, the MIST cryptocurrency has reached $0.30. Not bad considering that on July 20 the value of the MIST token was ten times lower: three cents.

Whitepaper, roadmap and launch dates

As you can see from the Mist release schedule below, the second half of 2021 is when the game heats up. Unfortunately, we will have to wait until 2022 for the release of Mist. You can consult and download the Mist whitepaper at this link.

Q3 2021

NFT Storefront Partnership

- Launch of the MIST Native 3D Immersive NFT Marketplace. 4:00 p.m. (Spanish time).

- September: Steam Store Reveal. Mist will reveal the look and feel of the Steam Store.

- Selection of the first demo testers. In order to participate in the demo, you must be a Mist token holder. In addition, the Mist development team has specified that they need people who have experience in detecting and correctly describing bugs in a video game.Q4 2021

-Release of the first demoQ1 2022

- Framework fine-tuning 2022

- Launch of the game. The final release date of Mist is still to be determined.

Mist NFT: how object trading works

This open-world NFT role-playing video game, which runs on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), offers the possibility to easily exchange game assets without intermediaries. Developers, in turn, can attract new users and receive additional revenue from the sale of in-game items and tokens.


Mist NFTs are functional: they can be added to the Mist Game Framework and converted into game elements. They can also be exchanged in two ways: in game exchanges and in third-party NFT exchanges.

The main purpose of the MIST token is to buy and exchange NFTs both in and out of game. These NFTs will be purchased with BNB, according to an update from the Mist team released on August 5 (which did not sit well with some of the community, as it was clearly stated in the whitepaper that only the Mist token would be used). Participants can put their NFTs up for sale and exchange them through the in-game auction houses. The native token can be bet outside the Mist Universe. When someone places bets or uses MIST to farm, a reward is generated. The token works on the Binance smart chain and is compatible with all network wallets.

Mist cryptocurrency token: price and evolution

CoinMarketCap's current ranking is #742, with a live market cap of $14,956,879 USD. It has an outstanding supply of 56,357,088 MIST coins and a maximum supply of 1,000,000,000,000 MIST coins. Hopefully the price will not drop below 30 cents again after this Friday's launch of the web interface that will allow us to sell and buy NFT items (using BNB) that will be usable in the game.

How to make money on Mist

The three strategies to make money on Mist that we summarize below are developed, as we have said, under the Binance smart chain. As much as the Chinese exchange is not going through its best moments, this is a guarantee of security: Binance smart contracts (platform with which the brilliant PanCakeSwap smart contract network is developed, has proven to be a guarantee of quality and security in the buying and selling of tokens. In Mist, every function is intertwined with the blockchain, and the MIST in-game currency is creatively used for these functions. This is how money can be earned on Mist:

1. Buying and selling of drops and NFT objects in Mist

The NFTs in the game are obtained through monster drops and in-game events. Unlike what happens with most current NFT games, in Mist the NFTs will be objects that we will be able to use in the game. Mist's NFTs are not like the typical "collectible card" NFTs so common in today's cryptocurrency.

Instead, they are NFTs that can be inserted into the Mist interface and become special objects in the game. These NFTs can be bought or sold both on in-game exchanges (auction houses) and on third-party NFT exchanges outside the game world. Again, these NFTs are purchased with BNB.

2. Bets

Players can gamble Mists by buying or investing in in-game businesses, such as taverns, general stores, etc. These bets will grant rewards to players.

3. Farming

Players can also farm by "buying" farmland, farms or livestock. Farming of a lifetime, raised to the maximum power. As their farms grow, they receive rewards.

How to get Mists in and out of the game

There will be a myriad of ways to get Mists in and out of the game. The in-game token can be obtained in the following ways: eliminating monsters, completing quests, trading NFT items inside the game interface, farming outside the game or inside, buying agricultural properties, staking by buying businesses... as the Mist release date gets closer we will give you more details and dedicate special articles with all the details to get Mists quickly and easily.

How does farming work in Mist?

In Mist, each character has the possibility to train and improve their skills to forge game elements such as swords, bows and armor. As if it were a Minecraft, in order to create these skill upgrades in Mist it is necessary to have raw materials such as wood and minerals. These raw materials can be obtained throughout the game world. How quickly you can get them depends on your character's skills (mining, wood cutting, etc.). When obtained, the materials are linked to a custom BEP-20 token.

As we read on Mist's official website, every time a character mines ore in the game, they will be rewarded with a BEP-20 "ore" token that can be sold both in and out of the game through exchanges and Mist's own marketplace. And pay close attention to this:


Who are Mist's founders?

Development of Mist (which is supported by Steam), began in April 2021. Key advisors to the development team include Timothea Horwell (Orion Protocol), Eric Su (Exnetwork Capital) and Garlam Won. Mist is partnered with the following groups:

  • Solid Group, KickPad, Solidity Finance

  • Vendetta Capital

  • DuckDAO


  • AU21 Capital

  • JUN Capital

  • Exnetwork Capital

  • X21 Digital

How to buy Mist, the NFT token that could be the new Axie Infinity (AXS)

Ranking of the NFT gaming tokens that rose the most as of August 5, 2021. Source: CoinGecko.

If you want to know where to buy Mist, the main exchanges to purchase the Mist token in 2021 are PancakeSwap (V2), XT.COM, LBank, and DODO BSC. Since the end of July, you can also buy the Mist token on the Bybit exchange.

How to buy MIST in PancakeSwap

To purchase the MIST token through Pancake Swap, follow the steps below:

  • Set up the MetaMask wallet on the Binance network or the TrustWallet.

  • Confirm the contract in the BSC network in BSCScan. Mist contract:0x68E374F856bF25468D365E539b700b648Bf94B67

  • Connect to PancakeSwap and enter the contract manually.

  • Finally, perform the Swap and you will have your first MIST tokens.

  • As of August 2021, the Mist token is also available on the Hotbit exchange with the nomenclature of the MISTGAME/USDT pair.

Tokenomics: how many Mist (MIST) coins are in circulation?

MIST has a total supply of 1,000,000,000,000 tokens. It has an outstanding supply of 56,357,088 tokens launched in April 2021. The crypto launch (or Initial Dex Offering, IDO) took place on April 16, 2021 on KickPad, an IDO launch platform on the Binance smart chain. We summarize Mist's tokenomics for you in the image below:

The token allocation is as follows:

  • 20% staking and farming out of the game.

  • 3% to staking and in-game farming.

  • 10% to marketing and centralized exchanges.

  • 4.5% to equipment.

  • 7.5% to advisors.

  • 9% to members.

  • 10% in-game drops.

  • 1.2% to DEX liquidity.

Is Mist NFT safe?

Mist has received a score of 90/100 on the audit website Certika. In addition, this earn to play video game has also been audited by Solid Group and Solidity Finance, covering a wide range of token features and reviewing the smart contract code.

To ensure a seamless and secure connection to the Binance blockchain, the Mist team uses a Python SDK running on the server side, allowing transactions to be routed to the Binance smart chain with each user's account information sent securely to the smart contracts.

What are the characters and skills like in Mist?

The Crusaders

Crusaders correspond to the paladin archetype: heavy armor, physical specialization and divine support and damage spells. They will mainly have the role of tank with dps and support traits. Thanks to all their tools, Crusaders will enjoy the possibility to play more autonomously, being generally a self-sufficient class, as it happens in most similar MMORPG games such as World Of Warcraft, or Final Fantasy XIV.


Enchanters correspond to the mage/spell caster archetype (not to be confused with warlocks): characters focused on spell casting, with little physical ability and preferably played from a distance.

Due to their particular fragility, the Enchanters will be based on their abilities to inflict damage from a safe distance, Crowds Control (CC or crowd control) skills and probably support spells for the group and utility for the mage himself, i.e., it will be a DPS with some support ability. We can observe in the gameplay a "blink" type movement of great range and then a damage spell with AOE (area of effect) after a brief "casting". Undoubtedly very similar to its corresponding version of the Diablo saga.


Rangers correspond to the scout archetype: a mix of ranged and melee damage, with support skills and accompanied by an animal companion. So far, it has been the only class to show a "pet" that accompanies the player, and it remains to specify the functionality that this element will bring to the class. It will probably serve as a hybrid DPS (ranged and melee), with crowd control capabilities and the ability to switch to slow but powerful ranged damage or fast but lighter melee damage.

In the gameplay we observe the ability to eliminate your enemies from a distance with the bow and again, a teleport spell with the added effect of "roots". We look forward to reliving the exploits of Drizzt Do'Urden, the iconic Dungeons and Dragons character in this game.


The Shapeshifters correspond to the druid archetype with their shapeshifting ability: specialization in melee with the ability to change their role depending on the animal they decide to transform into. We note that for now only their mutation into a large bear has been specified, so we can guess that it will fulfill the role of tank, but we do not rule out the classic transformations into tiger/wolf to function as DPS or even that the Mist team dares to dare with more unusual conversions to provide support and crowd control capabilities.

We wish Mist's Shapeshifters a gameplay as entertaining and varied as the original druids of the first Everquest, Baldur's Gate or the Soulbeast of Guild Wars 2.

Witch Hunters

Witch Hunters correspond to the rogue archetype: damage capacity through both ranged and melee weapons, and damage but mainly crowd control skills. In terms of stats, they will have less durability than the rest of the classes that can fight melee, but like the Enchanters, they will have a much higher damage capacity since it will be a class focused on DPS.

We observe in its gameplay the characteristic ability of all rogues in RPGs to be able to position traps to the enemy and thus create advantages with the positioning and turn the game space in your favor. It remains to be seen if this class will derive more in the Witch Hunter of the Warhammer saga with primarily physical capabilities or will expand its possibilities with arcane abilities.

Mist allies with Crypto World NFT marketplace

The team has also announced a strategic and technical partnership with Crypto World, an upcoming NFT open-world social MMO game and 3D NFT marketplace. "We are thrilled to partner with them for their innovative 3D NFT and ARNFT (Augmented Reality) marketplaces, and in-game NFT stores and real estate," reads Mist's website.

As part of this technical and strategic cooperation, Crypto World has created a special Mist store in its game universe. Players will be able to browse and purchase Mist NFTs in a three-dimensional environment (and soon in 3D augmented reality). Mist NFTs will be officially featured in Crypto World's open-world MMO and NFT marketplace.

Crypto World claims to provide a buying and selling experience diametrically opposed to typical marketplaces with "boring" catalogs, the company says. The platform offers an immersive NFT marketplace in three dimensions and AR that allows players to view NFTs three-dimensionally as they walk through a virtual shopping mall.


mist will undoubtedly be one of the greatest open world role playing games of course it will explode next year when it is released to the public when it stops being an alpha to finally become the great NFT game that it is and what will come later revolutionizing more the industry looks promising and no doubt we must give it a chance like the great titles that will come later.

as always getting the best of information your great friend panda retires until a future article.

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