World Cup | Uniting vs Separating

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Now, the world's eyes are fixed on the grand event of the world cup, as the sport that is most in demand by the world's population, football is a meeting place for various countries. Almost every continent sends its participants to take part in this four-year event, countries that qualify for the world cup are the best countries that occupy the top positions according to FIFA regulations, based on the results of pre-world cup qualifications. Now, the world cup event which was held in QATAR, has entered the quarter-finals. Who will be the champion? for sure they are the best country!

The world cup is the biggest sporting event in the universe, the participation of every country in participating in this tournament is not only aimed at being the best and lifting the world cup trophy. However, in fact the world cup event has indications of uniting everyone from various different backgrounds, ethnicities, races, ethnicities, religions, cultures and languages. Players from each country meet in a match, greet each other, shake hands, hug and even the players can listen and know the national anthems of other countries when they are sung. Not only are the players involved in harmony and unity, but also the enthusiasm of the spectators from each country to support togetherness on the field and in the stands of the stadium.

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The world cup is not just a sport to achieve the highest achievement, but also has a role in uniting everyone in the world. Like any other sport can bring players and spectators together, but the world cup is the biggest indication when it comes to uniting. Because, the world cup can absorb so much of the world community to be involved in it. In other words, other sports can also unite but still on a small scale compared to the world cup. Not only, the participating countries of the world cup are also feeling the euphoria, but the world cup fever has also involved everyone from various countries. This is influenced by the love of fans for a player or a team. This is proof that the world cup event can reconcile the world, in the midst of conflicts such as wars and other feuds.

Feud Event From The 12th Player

However, the euphoria of the world cup was not only aimed at uniting but some people did not uphold sportsmanship. Supporting the players is commonplace as it is an act of being the twelfth player on a team. It can be said, the screams of the audience can increase the energy and enthusiasm of the players, which is why the audience is nicknamed the 12th player.

The support of spectators and fans turns into mass rage, when a team or country loses. Actions of ridicule not only came out of the mouth but also pictures and posters were shown from the stands of the stadium. This has also affected global social media, fights don't only come from the participating countries of the world cup but also affect football fans or fans.

It's no secret, the supporters have acted like judges on the gridiron. Their actions in terms of assessing the mistakes made by the players even the referee leading the match, turned the atmosphere of unity into feud.

It's very heartbreaking, the world cup event hasn't finished yet but indications of division have appeared on the surface. It must also be realized, the football arena is already part of the industry so that the capacity of the players is at stake because they can have a high Price when they play well and lead the country to achieve the highest achievements. In this case, the involvement of football fans takes part in the betting event, by choosing the country of origin of world-class players. In other words, the flow of money in betting on the world cup has added to the chaos in society, winning can smile and losing can rebel.

Only at first, before the match started, one could see unity and peace. However, everything changed when the official match was held. Although not all groups are involved in the feud, indications of destruction are evidence of the loss of sportsmanship from the players, supporters and fans.

Hopefully, this year's world cup event does not cause war and hostility, hopefully everything will be finished when the world cup ends. We pray together for the world to remain safe and peaceful.

Greetings of peace !


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1 year ago

I totally understand you. That's not a new act in the world cup finals. It has always happened because a lot of people cannot withstand seeing their country lose. At the end of the day, people will still be united

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1 year ago

Sports are always like that. Some group of people won't be able to hold their anger when their team is loosing. This caused havoc in my country when my country failed to qualify. It's not a good sportsmanship Spirit

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1 year ago