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The nostalgia of past life has opened the mindset of some people to translate the findings of ancient relics based on elements of stories from generation to generation with real findings. The history of ancient world civilizations makes some people wonder when the existence or form of the findings cannot be translated into modern science.

The form is strange, Unreasonable, confusing and hard to believe, are words that are often spoken when works of ancient relics are accidentally discovered and the question is, how did it happen?

There are so many discoveries of unique objects found in the bowels of the earth so that translation speculations come from various world researchers.

Like assembling a story, the discovery of ancient objects will form a strand of stories based on research and the journey of life stories from the source of the discovery.

This is the uniqueness of history, its origins are always questioned so that some people's interest to know in depth about the original story is always eagerly awaited so that the modern world media tries to cover in detail interesting, unique, sensational and extraordinary findings.

Interestingly, an object's findings can be judged by how difficult it is for the object to be formed from ancient human hands without the help of sophisticated tools like today's era. That's what I saw when a media published the findings of one of the ancient kingdoms in China.


The statues of soldiers lined up with so many carvings of different shapes, I mean the face shape of this statue is like being carved based on the face shape of the original soldier or soldier. My head is spinning thinking about how this sculptor works and how long does it take to complete this sculpture? questions come out of me.

Although the latest technology did not exist in ancient times, the mindset and knowledge of ancient people cannot be underestimated, this proves that the creativity of ancient people's work gave the assumption that without technology people could create amazing works.

The unique history of the past provides valuable lessons in the modern world. Although his life has been extinct by time but the relic is evidence of footprints and hands that cannot be erased by time.


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Topics: Unique, History, Earth, People


The ancient people were wise enough to leave traces of their lives and achievements to us. They live on from generation through generations

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They have high creativity so that their legacy provides life lessons for today's life.

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