The Price of a Human

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Not talking about wealth or valuables, it turns out that humans have a price. Quality goods have a price, expensive or cheap depending on the capacity. It is normal to see the display of goods in shops, stalls and markets with small paper patches containing nominal prices. In the world of economics, price is the main thing in transactions between sellers and buyers. In this case the price has an important role to determine the value of an item and humans play a role as a determinant of a price. However, what if humans had a price?

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In the world of football, the most familiar sport in the world has turned into a developed industry, world-class investors invest in clubs, this action is called sponsorship. Funding from sponsors will improve financial management, team and club capacity. Each player has a salary according to his contract and capacity, some players have a very high salary because it is influenced by skill. If you look at the lives of world-class players, they can collect luxury items and other expensive properties, this is an indicator of work as a football player.

The profession as a soccer player seems to give a special price for a player, meaning that the soul and body of a player has a high selling value. Players who have skills above the average are crowned as star players or superstars, such as quality and rare items, the price must be expensive, as well as soccer players. The capitalism of the football industry has changed the value of a human being, with the highs and lows of selling prices depending on the market price. The role of the media in the football industry seems to have given rise to a new face in the entertainment world, a player becoming famous because of the supporters, broadcast media, sponsors and even the involvement of investors to increase the price of a player.

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It must be realized that the reality of today's world has made a significant difference for everyone, no longer talking about the most talked about social caste in society regarding the wealth that a person has but the price of a human being is fantastic. In fact, the words of some people define that the price of human body and soul is higher than the value of property, this is a factual situation that is currently happening.

Different views, maybe we can see on the streets and cities. Some people have to live under bridges, huts and homeless. How much are they worth?

How meaningful life is if we take advantage of everything we have, every human being has a price when exploring the abilities that are within him. Every human life is the same even though the perception is different, our self-worth depends on the deeds we have done for the world.


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Every human life is the same even though the perception is different, our self-worth depends on the deeds we have done for the world.

We were all born the same but what differentiate us and make others more valued is their contribution to their world

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