The Customary Norms Are Destroyed Because It Does Not Have The Legal Basis

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The famous area with high morality is now beginning to change with behavior undertaken by the young people today. It is no secret to be spent to the public that the level of the childhood of the young people has now changed and left the norms that have been taught by the village predecessors. Such a picture of life that occurred in my current village.

It is no secret to not being heard to young people, the sparkling of young people starts to palm to the intercourse that is no longer based on the norms in the village of mine.

Once upon before, the appearance of smart phones and internet in my village, young behavior is still following adat rules. At night of arrival all young men and women were forbidden to exit home, this rule applies to every young man who age below 18 years according to the teachings removed by the village predecessors.

The purpose of this rule is a young child not deserved to be in the maturity zone to feel the nightlife that will damage morality and the future.

But everything has changed since the internet and smart phones enter my village, the strong adul rules have been destroyed because there is no strong legal basis to continue running the rules of this predecessor.

Another view began to populize from the mindset of young people when they start learning in depth about the law in my country, no more stupidity because almost all knowledge can be directly accessed through the phone so they can understand which actions and deeds are prohibited by law and which one does not.

The source of the knowledge that has made the customary norms abandoned because basically the customary norm is just a doctrine and education without any basis of the law, meaning if the deeds of breaking the norm is done then there is no punishment for the person who will violate.

Running the customary norms means it is a homage to the village pulples that issue this teaching.

Because this customary norm has no law for the end of the life of young people who are in the village I begin to explore the gemplary nightlife arena.

Young men and women start existing in the night, they no longer see their status as a minor student but the glasses of glasses containing their eats to eat at night.

There is nothing else to ban, young people already understand about deeds that are not banned by law. When they act without harming others then the action will always be obtained.

The enjoyment of the world of night has changed the atmosphere in my village, young men and women often go to quiet places and away from street lighting lighting. The quiet plantation becomes their place for court.

Many young groups are often partying alcohol, usually they bring their respective courts on the mountain slopes, installing a bonfire, setting up the tent and turning on the disco music while consominating alcohol. After they get drunk, the man and women couples go into their respective tents and they sleep together. (Maybe you already understand what they will do)

The life of young people in my village is tangled in negative deeds, many young men and women should marry young people because the action they do have fertilized the womb.

Married young at the forces of them to have them to work hard that they are not as well as to slam bones but the rice has become a porridge and no more word to return as it originally.

Many young people in my village must be fallen in the world of education and the future turned out to be dingy. The parents also suffer the suffering of their actions because parents also still have a contribution to feed them even though they have been married.

Technological advances have been great for human life, the knowledge of the younger knowledge to be owned by burping on the Internet. No more attacks that can be covered almost everything can be known that young people can not be lied again.

Another first and otherwise, the sentence is often used by some people, knowledge has changed the attitude and mind of the human mind.

The source of knowledge in the internet world is very good if understood with a positive attitude but the shift of value and norms in the community began to change when the wrong understanding of the brain.

Just a good understanding to teach and not to be covered so that the younger generation does not feel curious.

Time will give us all changes, if not understood correctly then the threat will continue to haunt to everyone who fails to accept it with common sense.


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This is very alarming situation that happens nowadays. Before, the young people are following restrictions from their parents if they are not allowed to go outside during the night, but now, it seems that it becomes their routine, they party anywhere. Rebellious against their parents were rampant. And it seems that it's the result with the influence of social media. But, there are some children who are following their parents until now.

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1 year ago

May the mind of the younger generations be the Philippians 4:8 and comes in pure, honorable, respectable, honest, lovely thoughts. Let's plants good seeds for whatever you teach or show to the younger generation they will walk on as they grow and mature.

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1 year ago

Rules are their as guidelines to hopefully keep us safe but there will be always be those who will challenge it especially if things don't go in their favor. That's why it's not always about bad parenting but rather the influence of other people.

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1 year ago