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Plants that have a lot of root propagation and spread long in the soil are plant structures that have the ability to absorb a lot of food so that these plants can grow big and can survive for tens, hundreds or even thousands of years.

Roots become a very important support for plants, when nutrient uptake begins to decrease in the soil, the job of the roots is to find food by expanding their roots so they can find food ingredients that are still stored in the soil.

The more roots that arise from the plant, the greater the chance of the plant to survive because the absorption of food in the soil depends on the cultivation of plant roots.

Even when it rains, heats, winds and storms, it is very difficult to knock it down because of the very strong plant structure that comes from the roots that have spread and form a strong network in the soil like the anchor of a ship dropped on the seabed so that the ship doesn't float.

Every human being has advantages and disadvantages, it is a nature that must be accepted by every human being who has lived the life of this world.

The life problems experienced by every human being become a very meaningful lesson to make the brain think to find the right solution so that every life problem can be resolved and no longer experience the same problems when humans learn more about life experiences that have made them fall into a deep hole in.

Every human being wants to change his life to be more meaningful than before, sometimes every human effort fails in the initial trial process but with an unyielding effort and not afraid of failure, solutions can be found and applied in his life.

Practicing, studying and understanding the meaning of life in depth is a good mechanism to cover all the shortcomings it has, in this process humans will have a strong foundation to survive like plants that have strong roots.

When humans have a strong base source, it is not difficult for him to live life, life's problems will not make him fall but will become stronger than the various trials of the world that will befall his life because a good foundation has been applied to paralyze all life's problems.

Sometimes humans look strong with the appearance of their large and muscular body structure but the energy strength they have is not comparable to the spiritual that is in them, mental, integrity, morality and determination become weaknesses that can eat away at their energy so that their spiritual development is not optimal, it is very important to deepen spiritually so that the strength of the muscles can be commensurate with the foundation of the soul.

Spiritual development is very important for the life of every human being because it not only grows one's soul but also can understand the lives of others, has a clean heart, is sincere and can help others in trouble.

A person who has a big heart is not only seen from his big body shape but is more directed at the actions he will take for the world, I mean when someone sees the life that is happening to the lives of others, then from there it can be seen the actions he will take, if he has a good foundation, spiritually strong, it will not prevent him from doing positive things for others because that is the foundation he will always apply in his life.

The formation of someone who is firm in a positive stance, is not easily swayed by the chaos that occurs in the surrounding environment and has high solidarity will be able to take action to turn conflict into peace.

The world may never be free from hostility and conflict, when various problems arise from various aspects of life, economy, social, culture, ethnicity and race which often occur in regional and international areas, but when humans have good and positive accountability that is embedded and already established.

He is deeply rooted in him so that he is not easily swayed and provoked to enlarge the problems that occur but he will find solutions to turn the world's chaos into peace.

We humans are given the opportunity to live in freedom from the creator, therefore let us use our lives for noble deeds in front of the creator and other living beings.

When we learn and practice to become strong people in continuing our life in this world, then use that power in a positive way, when that energy source is possessed, we have obtained solid roots to survive, get food sources to grow and survive.

live from the shock of the world that may never stop coming as long as our breath blows.



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When humans have a strong base source, it is not difficult for him to live life

I agree. Build a stronger foundation from the start.

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1 year ago

Solid roots keep us feet on the ground...

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1 year ago

I love this analogy. As we grow, so does our roots. We literally become more rooted and grounded as time goes by, provided we remain relentless in constantly improving our lives.

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1 year ago