I Will Fight Until Tomorrow

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1 year ago
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In this journey of life, we are often faced with challenges and obstacles that make us want to give up.

However, for me, there is one principle that has become the main pillar in my life: I will fight until tomorrow.

I believe that by having strong determination and enthusiasm, we can face any difficulties that come our way.

Living life is like walking on thin ice.

Every step we must be careful and full of calculations so as not to fall into cold water.

So it is with our struggles.

Like walking on ice, sometimes we have to face uncertainty and doubt.

However, if we have a strong determination, we will keep trying and move forward even though we are faced with difficult circumstances.

I see myself like an adventurer who is constantly walking across a vast desert.

In front of me, only visible hot and barren sand.

But I'm not afraid.

I know that every step I take is bringing me closer to my goal.

Although this journey has been tiring, I am determined to keep moving forward.

The struggle is like an intense game of chess.

Every step we take must be carefully thought out, because each step has consequences that impact the final result.

Likewise in life, every decision we make will shape our path forward.

I try to be a smart player and think strategically, so that I can overcome every obstacle that appears in front of me.

When I looked around, I saw myself as a cloud jumper.

I am not afraid to reach greater heights and to go beyond the boundaries.

I know that only by continuing to strive and moving forward will I reach the clear blue sky.

Even though this journey is difficult and full of challenges, I will not give up until I achieve my dream.

In life, we cannot avoid the storms that hit us.

However, if we have a strong fighting spirit, we can face them like a sailor sailing against a big wave.

We may shake, but we will not sink.

Every storm will pass, and we will emerge victorious.

In this journey of life, I am determined to keep fighting until tomorrow.

I will not give up halfway, because I believe that every struggle has a greater meaning and purpose.

I would traverse the desert, play chess, break through the clouds, and sail against the storm.

And in the end, I will look back on my struggles and reclaim a life full of rainbows.


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1 year ago
Topics: I Fight, My life


You never have to give up, continue with a positive mind, that will help.

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1 year ago

Hi friend, how's your mom already?

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1 year ago

My mother is now, her condition is getting better and is now at home. However, still under treatment, for recovery. Thank you friend.

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1 year ago

That's great to know 🙏

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1 year ago