Conspiracy Theory: Humans Live In A Simulation Era

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Human life with the development of the times has reaped the pros and cons, about the analysis of human life which is only a simulation. Do you believe in this?.


Before I describe the description of this topic, I ask all of my friends to be wise in assessing the positive and negative sides. because it contains elements of belief and theory that may not be in line. I'm actually worried about this but because of my intention to dig up information that confuses the laity which has become a polemic. make this as information and not for the grip of life.

In fact this contextual topic has been discussed by various groups and has become a leading topic in the years and months that have passed. many vlog or youtube channels are scattered discussing the secrets of human life in the universe.

This may be difficult to digest logically but as a human being must know the circumstances that occur so as not to be surprised by the confusing developments. essentially sensitivity to receive something comprehensively.

Lifelike From Simulation

By definition, simulation is a training method that demonstrates something in an artificial form that is similar to the real situation.

Human life in a long period of time has undergone very significant changes. Human attitudes and actions and thoughts continue to change due to the development of the times which are influenced by technology created by humans themselves.

But in fact it is this existence that gives the perspective that human life is there who 'controls' it, meaning that we live and do something that has actually been regulated or logically human life has been programmed and run by something more 'smart' than the human itself. It was this theory that famous people such as Elon Musk expressed his opinion that humans live in an era of simulation.

There are various consolidations that provide the fact that this theory is based on hypotheses. Several examples have been given, including:

Game Program

We may have seen or played video games in the era of the 1990s to 2000. Have you ever heard of Nintendo games or have played them. when looking at the character of the image in it, the shape may be very simple (face, body and environment) and the graphic image is simple.

Then from the passage of time, humans change a simple game system to be like real human life. an example of a pubg game where the shape of the character of the person in the game is almost similar to the human character (has eyes, hair, clothes, etc.) it's all because of changes in the program run by humans.

What about humans whose past lives were simple and then developed up to the present.

It means we live as programmed like a game. run or controlled by something smarter than humans themselves. in other words we live under the control of some great unseen force.

Matrix Movie Character

You must have watched the Matrix movie, which was released in 1999, the uniqueness of this film is that the film's character cast is attached to a device on the back of the neck which is then programmed in real life.

Like the basic character of the film, the controller is the chosen person, meaning that if the controller wants to take a life, the device on the back of the neck will be removed.

This is what ignores that the simulated life of humans is controlled by someone who has a controlling power that cannot be identified.

Fear Of The Future

Based on complex thoughts about human life living in the simulation era. fear springs forth for the age to come. because technological advances will bring on humans which will provide a significant evolution.

This civilization will allow humans to create their own lives, meaning they can create other lives that can be controlled like a game.

Reminder Message

This is just a conspiracy theory that has shaken the world. but it must be noted that to always provide explanations to ordinary people who do not really understand about technology and progress of the times and also to children. back again to each of us so that we always remain firm in the spiritual convictions and faiths that we profess.

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Due to technological advancements in recent years. Most of the predictions of famous scientists and inventors before are becoming real. Since we're now in computer age. The next age will be the robotic age.

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2 years ago

yes such is the performance of computers that will provide an unstoppable evolution. and we must also always understand what is happening with the existing developments. thank you friend this is a telling argument.

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2 years ago

I also think that this world is just a a game which humanity are being controlled by more smarter entities. There's also a theory that there's entities watching us from the moon which they tried to land a tons of weight on the surface of the moon to know if it's hollow or not and they heard the sound of impact which is hollow that's why some conspiracy theories says that the moon is the base where the aliens residing and they are watching us from above and observe our movements.

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2 years ago

Yes, that's right, friend, I've also heard of it, indeed there are so many conspiracy theories that come out of the mouths of famous people, but we also have to understand them in depth. thanks friends for sharing useful arguments.

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2 years ago