MAGNESIUM - An essential mineral for our health

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When we are very young, we don't worry too much about our health. We always feel good and have plenty of energy. But then as we get older, changes occur in our organism. Also, work stress affects our physical and mental well-being.

Since a few months ago I started to feel unpleasant symptoms. I was short of breath, I felt tightness in my chest and my respiratory rate was high almost all the time. After going to several doctors and having tests, I was told that I was suffering from anxiety and panic attacks.

How did I discover the benefits of magnesium?

The doctor prescribed a medication for anxiety, but what I really feel that helped me to end those episodes of anxiety, panic and depression was when I started taking MAGNESIUM pills. Well, after researching and consulting scientific literature on the subject, I was able to learn that the lack of magnesium in the body can cause emotional problems and sleep disorders. This is because magnesium is related to the production of serotonin (the hormone of happiness).

But what is MAGNESIUM exactly?

Magnesium is an element belonging to the group of alkaline earth metals. Magnesium is found mostly in plants and seeds. This mineral is extremely beneficial for regulating the nervous and muscular system. It is also very beneficial for the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system.

Proven benefits of magnesium:

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has confirmed that clear health benefits of dietary magnesium intake have been demonstrated.

dietary intake of magnesium has been shown to contribute to the following:

  • Electrolyte balance;

  • Normal functioning of energy-producing metabolism;

  • Normal muscle function including cardiac muscle;

  • Normal nerve function;

  • Normal cell division;

  • Maintenance of normal bones;

  • Maintenance of normal teeth;

  • Normal protein synthesis.

After all the information I have shown you I must say that you MUST FIRST CONSULT A PHYSICIAN before taking any mineral supplement. Magnesium is usually available as (magnesium citrate and magnesium chloride). Your doctor can recommend how you can take it. Magnesium usually has no major side effects, but it has been known to cause diarrhea if taken in excess. And those with kidney deficiency are not recommended to supplement with this mineral.

I want to thank my sponsors and all those who take the time to read me. I encourage you to do more research on this mineral as its deficiency can cause quite serious problems. See you in a next post.

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Bueno compañero , me alegra sobre manera que haya conseguido un medicamento que mejore su estado de ansiedad y espero que siga mejorando . Bendiciones.

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2 years ago

Hola mi amigo Esteban en eso estamos. Poco a poco obteniendo mejoría. No es de la noche a la mañana pero definitivamente estoy bastante mejor y progresando en eso. Gracias por pasarte por aquí

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2 years ago