I have a challenge - Repair this totally damaged surgical table.

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Hello my friends from #JustWrite a space of complete freedom to talk about our lives, interests and passions. I have already told you that I work with medical technologies. My job is to solve many problems in hospitals and clinics.

On this occasion I visited a hospital institution of the International Red Cross. They have a damaged surgical table in very bad condition.

Damaged surgical table

Surgical tables are very important in hospitals and clinics. It is there where the patient is laid down in order to perform the necessary surgical intervention. The table has the function of ascending and descending movements in a mechanical way.

When I arrived at the area to check the condition of the surgical table I was surprised because the table was really in very bad condition. It will take a lot of work to repair it. The table had a lot of rust and the paint was deteriorated. As the operating table is mechanically and hydraulically operated, it has a hydraulic jack by which the table can be moved up and down.But in this case, the table does not make any movement due to its deteriorated state. But in this case, the table does not move at all.

Another picture of the table

Eventually, in hospital institutions they have this type of problem. Medical equipment that is damaged and cannot be used. Sometimes, because the necessary materials or spare parts are not available. In order to repair this table I will need the help of my father who is a specialist in machining parts.

We will need to repaint the surgical table, but first we need to do a mechanical restoration of the entire table.

Deteriorated and rusty paint

In this last picture you can see the state of the paint. It must be remembered that these surgical tables are exposed to the blood and other body fluids of the patients. They are also exposed to the humidity of the operating room, all this makes that the rust begins to deteriorate the painting of the table.

More rust on the table base

I will take up the challenge and fix this :

I have worked with this type of mechanical and hydraulic surgical tables. I believe that with two weeks of work I could restore this table. I will let you know how the work progresses over the next few weeks.

As a biomedical engineer I must always try to find the solution to the failures that may have the medical equipment of hospitals, clinics and health institutions. There is no doubt, this job will not be easy. But I know that with a little time and effort I will succeed.

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Looking forward to fix it dear friend.

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