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Rainy days and Mondays

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11 months ago
Topics: Rain, Sadness, Hope, Spring, Sunshine, ...

Today has been one of those days! It hasn't stopped raining all day, its turned colder too and the Autumn time is definitely here.

I feel that my mood is affected my the weather, I seem to lack energy when the nights are drawing in and we are heading towards winter.

The days will get shorter and shorter from now until December and it will turn colder and colder too.

On days like these I reminisce about the Summer that has passed, those warm endless days on holiday and all the fun we had on the beach and swimming in the sea.

The day of the week seems to affect my mood too I think, Thursdays and Fridays I am looking forward to the weekend and a chance to relax and unwind, but by Sunday evening I get that sinking feeling that Monday is approaching.

I like to be an optimistic person when I can, though rainy days and Mondays always seem to get me down.

This rainy day today has made me recall a song which I listen to from time to time by The Carpenters called 'Rainy Days and Mondays' which was released in 1971.

It's quite a sad song to be honest and if you know anything about the life of Karen Carpenter, that too is also a very sad story.

You can read more about her life here if you wish.

I think she has an amazing voice and this song is sung with much feeling, that to listen to it often brings a tear to my eye.

I have shared the video below if you would like to listen.

Rainy days and Monday do get me down though it is a good thing to think about sometimes that when we have days which are rainy, that makes us appreciate the sunshine even more.

If you lived in a place which is hot and sunny every day, would you value those sunny days and look forward to them so much I wonder.

Here in the UK the winter seems very long, though when the spring time arrives it feels wonderful. To see the flowers begin to bloom again as the days begin to warm up. The beauty of creation in the spring time is a magnificent sight to behold.

To think of sunnier and warmer days to come helps me to get through the winter time, it is true that the sunshine always follows the rain, without the rain also nothing could grow and we wouldn't see all the beautiful flowers in the spring time.

If you feel ever that your world is full of clouds and that the days are long and dark, remember that the rain cannot fall forever and if we have hope in our hearts we can look forward to sunnier days ahead.

And even if some days it does rain there can often be spells of sunshine between the showers.

I'd just like to share with you with this hit from 1990 which expresses this sentiment very well. It's one of my favourite songs from that decade, by Zoe called 'Sunshine on a rainy day'.

You can check out the video below.

Mondays still get me down, what can I do to change that I often wonder.

Maybe its an idea just not to dwell on the Monday thing too much, maybe it is better to think that after Monday things get better and by Wednesday we can start to look forward to the weekend again.

I think maybe that is the best cure.

Which reminds me of this feel good song to finish off this article with!

The Cure 'Friday i'm in love' was released in 1992, check out the video below.

I hope you enjoyed my article, which I wanted to finish off on a cheerful note.

You can check out some of my other articles here.

Article is my own.

Lead image courtesy of pixabay.

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Written by   64
11 months ago
Topics: Rain, Sadness, Hope, Spring, Sunshine, ...
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Bright days are ahead of gloomy ones, and sunny days are expected after the rain. At least that's what we think to shift from feeling down to a lot better :) And you are right to think that days get better after Mondays. Or might be good to think that everyday is a great day :)

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11 months ago