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Who am I ? What i am doing here ?

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Hello everyone i am very new to this platform.. Exploring this platform gives a little idea what was happening here i think everyone is frustated by the creepy spammers but dont get tensed i am also very new to this platform but i am not spamming anything infact i have a very small experience about bitcoin cash i have seen this platform a few months ago but i am not ready to join this very professional platform.

I know the struggle of these members like how much is this difficult to reach the bitcoin cash at this stage and i want to thanks them @MarcDeMesel@RogerVer @georgedonnelly @ErdoganTalk @Cain @Telesfor ........

IF you are reading my article you are just thinking that i am doing all these things to get some upvotes..... no guys i seriously wants to thanks them by the bottom of my heart..


so i want to share the information with all of you.

what is bitcoin cash

What is Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin cash is a cryptocurrency created in August 2017, from a fork of Bitcoin. Bitcoin Cash increases the size of blocks, allowing more transactions to be processed. The cryptocurrency underwent another fork in November 2018 and split into Bitcoin Cash ABC and Bitcoin Cash SV (Satoshi Vision). Bitcoin Cash is referred to as Bitcoin Cash because it uses the original Bitcoin Cash client. 

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Understanding Bitcoin Cash

The difference between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash is philosophical.

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As proposed by Bitcoin inventor Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin was meant to be a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency that was used for daily transactions. Over the years, as it gained mainstream traction and its price surged, Bitcoin became an investment vehicle instead of a currency. Its blockchain witnessed scalability issues because it could not handle the increased number of transactions. The confirmation time and fees for a transaction on bitcoin’s blockchain surged. This was mainly due to the 1MB block size limitation for bitcoin. Transactions queued up, waiting for confirmation, because blocks could not handle the increase in size for transactions.

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Bitcoin Cash proposes to remedy the situation by increasing the size of blocks to between 8 MB and 32 MB, thereby enabling processing of more transactions per block. The average number of transactions per block on Bitcoin is between 1,000 and 1,500. The number of transactions on Bitcoin Cash’s blockchain during a stress test in Sep 2018 surged to 25,000 per block.

Major proponents of Bitcoin Cash, such as Roger Ver, often invoke Nakamoto’s original vision of a payment service as reason to increase block size. According to them, the change in bitcoin’s block size will enable bitcoin’s use as a medium for daily transactions and help it compete with multinational credit card processing organizations, such as Visa, which charge high fees to process transactions across borders.

Bitcoin Cash also differs from bitcoin in another respect. It does not incorporate Segregated Witness (SegWit), another solution proposed to accommodate more transactions per block. SegWit retains only information or the metadata relating to a transaction in a block. Typically, all details pertaining to a transaction are stored in a block. 

This is small information i know about BITCOIN CASH


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what am i doing here?

i am just here to defeat my loneliness and making my new friends and i also want to increase my knowledge so please support ill make sure illl never disaapoint you all and post quality articles.

The question who am i is still a mystery and ill tell you when the right time comes up..



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same here. i just started and hoping for the best outcome

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good dear we will be friends and also share knowledge with each other just doo hard and good work and believe in we will definietly serve something yto the platform

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