Dear friends, through this space I want to apologize to my followers and friends of Read.Cash in general for the lack of publications. I have had health problems that take away my concentration to write. I have problems with my little computer, it's already as "used" as I am... And finally the big problem we have in our country, Venezuela, with the electric service. The second part is in the process of being solved, my children will soon give me a computer...God willing. Greetings and my affections to all...and, please DON'T FORGET ME! A hug Oiza Oizaguirres in

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@oizaguirres posted 2 years ago


Hello, I'm as happy as you are, the computer will one day be the best

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2 years ago

Estimado Oiza, espero que ya esté bien de salud y por aquí lo estamos esperando para leer sus escritos. Saludos!

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2 years ago

Muchas gracias amiga, siempre amable y dándome apoyo! Un abrazo.

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2 years ago