My Plants After September 9th In Photos

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2 years ago

After the landslide caused by my neighbor Corral de Piedras river, I thought I would lose all our plants, but thank God we were able to recover them.

Our plants are the biggest focus of attention I can have in these times of pandemic, time in which I am imprisoned by fear of my family because I am a vulnerable person, due to my age (74) and having suffered from pneumonia.

I present a first part of my garden.

Aglaonema pink, also known as pink Chinese, is a very showy plant because it presents a beautiful mixture between the pink color and the traditional green chlorophyll of the plants.

It can remain in outdoor or shaded spaces, it is considered as an air purifying plant. Its leaves are slightly toxic.

Begonia spp

Begonia is an ornamental plant of which it is estimated that there are about 1500 species. Its roots are tuberous, it stays in bloom almost all year round and its flowers hang like a bouquet. I keep it outdoors.

Dwarf Calla (Zantedeschia aethiopica)

The calla is another of our ornamental plants, it is native of South Africa, that is to say of tropical climate. It is a perennial herbaceous plant.

Emperor's cane (Etlingera elatior)

It is the most beautiful flower that I have in the garden, it is the termination of its scape of about 1,20 m. It develops through its bulbous root. It develops through its bulbous root from where its leaves and also the floral scape are detached.

As extra information I will tell you that this plant is rich in flavonoids (phytonutrients), which according to the literature are beneficial because they protect against cancer and cardiovascular diseases.


a natural regulator of glucose, that is why consuming it is advisable for a patient with Diabetes mellitus type 2. It influences in the reduction of cholesterol by its direct intervention in the metabolism and saturated fats.

In the case of a patient with hypertension, chlorogenic acid helps to stabilize blood pressure. However, it should be consumed from a food that does not contain caffeine.

It reduces the possibility of having cholelithiasis due to its antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties. It also has the property of being an antioxidant preventing the effect of free radicals.


Alpinia spp

Alpinia, which we have in our garden as an ornamental plant with showy "flowers", belongs to the ginger family (Zingiberaceae). It is an herbaceous plant. From it are the "flowers" that my neighbors request the most and every month I prepare a bouquet of them to send to my mother-in-law's grave.

This is a first presentation of our plants, I invite you to join us in future presentations.

Original photographic support and writing by oizaguirres exclusively for

Photos taken with my Samsung J2 Prime cell phone.

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2 years ago


Your plants are very beautiful, it shows that you know a lot and that you love what you do. I find the cove fascinating, was emperor is magnificent imposing!

Very great to know that they cure cancer or help with those problems, how do you prepare them, do you make a tea with the leaves? 🙄

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2 years ago

Your plants are very beautiful, it shows that you know a lot and that you love what you do. I find the cove fascinating, was emperor is magnificent imposing!

Thank you for your support and words of encouragement. You are a good group leader!

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2 years ago