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The Two Cup Method to Manifest Immediately

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10 months ago

The Law of Attraction


There are many who understand and follow the Law of Attraction method to manifest their prayers or asks. The basic tenet is to believe what you have asked is already with you and feel good about it, and soon you will have what you have asked for.


Sometimes, practitioners do not see the results coming fast enough and then they give up. The fact is whether you believe it or not, you are still living the Law of Attraction. The issue is that you believe the lack of what you ask for more than what you ask for. So, you get more of the lack of what you ask for. In other words, what you ask comes to you instead of what you really thought you wanted.


So, the challenge is two pronged. One, that we have to believe what we want has happened, and two, continue to stay in that vibration. This is where the challenge arises. The obvious conclusion is that if we can believe what we want has happened and it can happen fast, then there is no need to keep on fighting to stay in a particular vibration. In fact, if what we want has come, it adds to the belief system and our vibration levels.


You guessed it right, so might as well have what we want fast. Right, so here is one of the many methods that does exactly this.


The Two Cup Method


Let’s jump straight into the topic that we intend to learn. The two cup method is one of the ways to identify what we want and what we don’t want. And then eliminate what we don’t want.


Let me explain.


To try this method, take two empty cups and on one write what you are unhappy with right now in your life and what you want to change. It could be finances, your waist size, your job or anything on those specific lines.


Now take a post it or a piece of paper that you can stick on the cup. Write the specific area that you are unhappy about or is your current reality. Let’s for the sake of discussion, we say, “I don’t have money”. Once you have written it down, stick it on one of the cups.


Now take another post it and write exactly what you want in the form of having it already. So, I would write, “I am having tons of money and keep manifesting more and more, miraculously.” How does that feel? Good, I am sure. Notice that the area that I have written about is just the positive interpretation of what we saw as a problem on the other cup. Now take this positive statement and stick it on another cup.


What Next?


Step 1: Here is where the action starts. Take the cup where you have written your current reality and fill it with water. Now, meditate for two minutes about how you feel not having money and all the associated feelings. Put it in the cup of water.


Step 2: Take this water from the first cup and pour it in the second one. The second cup is where you have written positively about the thing you want. Now again meditate for two minutes on receiving the money in twenty-four-hours or as early as possible. Include the happy emotions of how you feel when you get what you want. What would you do with the money and how will it help you. Once you have got all that feelings, drink the water and let it flow into your body.


Step 3: The last step is to let go. Consider that you have already received the money and just relax and fall back to sleep.


That’s it. That’s how the process works. So, try it and let me know how things changed. I will be happy to know how things worked out for you.


Remember – you have to let it go feeling that it has been already done. Do it!


Few Recommendations


1.    I would suggest that you take one area of your life and write it down on the cups, instead of ten different areas. It would be more powerful if you can focuse on one

2.    Do it preferably before you go to sleep in the night. That would allow you to sleep with the positive mental picture as well. A very powerful mood. This is preferred way, but if you can’t then do it whenever time permits.


Parting Words


The process is quite simple and brings up feelings associated with important topics in our life. In one go, it allows us to change the feeling and injest the positivity by drinking the water. It is quite effective and I would recommend trying it out for yourself.


Do let me know how it goes.


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Written by   32
10 months ago
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