Practising Getting Into the Happiness State

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Happiness Is A State of The Mind


Yesterday we spoke about the importance of getting into the happiness state. We also saw that we do not have to really experience happiness to be in the state but also go into a happy state by just imagining a past occurrence.


Here is that article. Have a read.


Achieving the Happiness Sate


In the above article, there is a video which explains how to find the happiness state and use it as your anchor to go back to that state whenever you want. So, do it and you won’t regret having done it.


Where Can I Use It?


When it comes to spirituality or happiness, I have chosen to write what I have experienced instead of pages and pages of theory. You would agree that there is no point preaching something that I have not practised myself.

So, this article is about the practice part of yesterday’s article.


How Did I Use the Getting to Happiness State Study


Here’s how I did it. I thought about it for a moment and realized that I would love to anchor two things. First, the happiness anchor and second my future as I imagined anchor. Now, mind you, the latter is not required as being in the happy state alone will invite your dreamed future.

The other reason I warn against the future anchor is because of any limiting beliefs you may inadvertently attach to it. For example, if you are thinking about a new house with bigger and better rooms, music system, etc. you shouldn’t suddenly start feeling that you don’t have the money to afford it. If that feeling exists then your anchor is negatively binding you. In other words, you will always look at the future with anxiety, out-of-reach feeling or even a feeling of unworthiness. Anyway, that was the caution part.

So, let’s get to know my two Anchors.



Now, if you had gone through the video, you would have heard that we had to find two-to-three happy situations from the past and anchor that past by pressing your thumb and index finger.

So, I thought about it and arrived at the experience of every Sunday with my parents and my sis. We used to go to one of the biggest church near our place and after mass, used to go to a restaurant for our breakfast. That was the happiest childhood moment. Being a Sunday, there were no studies and to top it all, after breakfast, we could pick up our favourite comics from a shop outside the restaurant. It was so elevating and joyful, and at that moment of thinking about it, I pressed my thumb to the index finger. There, that was my first anchor.


Now, the beauty of the process is as I started using my anchor. Whenever I am in sadness, anxiety or lesser emotional state, all I have to do is press my index finger and thumb and wham……. I am back to those beautiful and lovely moments on Sunday that I so loved!


Do you see the advantage of the process? We can literally become happy at the press of a button, in this case, the press of a finger. How many of us had hoped for this kind of a life where we get happy just like that? Many, right? Then, here it is. Use the process. It is easy!


Besides, for those who read about the Law of Attraction, you would know that being happy puts you in the “allowing” state. That means all that you desired will flow easily to you. So, your future as you envisaged will come flying to you too. That’s amazing if you ask me!!



I once again start with the caution which I already explained. Anchor this only if you know that you feel really great to see yourself in the future. If you feel stressed or unhappy in any form while imagining your future, don’t anchor it. The happiness anchor which we finished discussing is good enough for you for the moment.


Now, then, for those that want to anchor the future, let’s go. So, here were my thoughts.


I thought about the house which is way bigger than the one we own now and I can see myself sitting close to the French windows, looking down at the road, thinking about the freedom that I have to go to anyplace I like or do anything I want because I am running my own virtual business. The fact that there are two of my dream SUVs in my garage which can seat both my family and my sister’s family if we plan to go on a trip is amazing. The idea of deciding one fine morning to go on a drive and just getting into the powerful SUV and motoring across the road was exhilarating. I like the fact that my wife is happy with the look of the house, the large kitchen that she wanted and the library with the books of her choice.


And when I was in the elated mood in the above thoughts, I clasped my hands side-ways shut (like when we are clapping) and held it firm. That’s that. The future got anchored. Now, whenever I like to imagine my future inviting it into my present, all I have to do is clasp my hands. How cool is that?


And those are the two anchors that I use. 😊



What Are You Waiting For?


Now, you know how it is done and what all things I bring into the equation, just go ahead and do it. To make the thoughts more vivid, try to bring in the sense of smell, touch, sight, sound and taste if need be.


Try it. You will like it and I promise you will have a switch in your hands which you can press any time to flip from any state to your desired state within seconds.


Go live your abundant life! God Bless!!

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