Fitness: 23rd October 2021 + A Did You Know Fitness Question

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Good Morning

Another exciting day and that too a Saturday. Weekends are happy, and more so this one. There is a lot of exciting stuff happening in Formula 1 and Cricket, and both the sports have some excellent stuff this weekend. In Cricket, it is the India vs. Pakistan World Cup match, while in Formula 1, it is Max vs. Lewis.

It's all happening, though the Formula 1 race in the United States makes things difficult for the Indian fans. I may have to burn the midnight lamp for entertainment. :) But all this does not talk about my fitness regime. Imagine me exercising despite all this entertaining stuff. But I did.

Today was all about weights, and I gave some extra time to it. I followed the quadruplet form today, meaning four body exercises combined into one superset. Here are quadruplets:

1. Shoulder (Stress-training)
2. Back
3. Biceps
4. Abs

The shoulder exercise was about stress training. This was a bit different from yesterday. I held two 12.5 kg weights in extended form overhead. I held the position for one minute and was visibly trembling at the end of it. :) I will try to increase the amount of time over the next few days and weeks.

The second part was to hold the dumbells and keep walking for ten minutes. The weights take a toll on the forearm, and I am forced to keep them down in between. But today, I kept the weights down just three times compared to four yesterday. So, that's an improvement already.

And I just couldn't complete my fitness regime without a good Ho'oponopono session. That's what I did, and I am happy about it. For those that don't know what Ho'oponopono is, here is my writeup on the same. Have a read and also do your research around this energy exercise.

What Is Ho'oponopono? | The Hawaiian Healing Technique

Once through with the session, I took some time out and went to sleep. After all, it is a Saturday. :)

Anyway, that's it from me for now. I will see you all tomorrow.




Did You Know?

The record for the most switch grip pull-ups is held by Ron Cooper of Massachusetts, USA. Ron completed 26 pull-ups in one minute. He is also the holder of two other records, which we had discussed in my earlier articles.

Ron holds more than 23 records, and we will be looking closely at each in the coming few days.

Phew! That man is incredible!


Image Courtesy: Geralt @Pixabay


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