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Fitness: 22nd October 2021 + A Did You Know Fitness Question

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1 month ago

Good Morning

I was determined to run and do weights today, come what may. And I am happy that I was successful. With late-night work, I was not sure if I could get up early. But I did.

I started the day with a kilometer walk and then a three-kilometer run. On my way back, I again walked another kilometer to allow the cool-down. I was happy that my stamina was good, and I wasn't panting as if to save dear life. I did not stop at that, though.

So, what more did I do?

I kept the momentum going and did weights in my standard triplet form. Here are the triplets:

1. Shoulder and back
2. Biceps
3. Abs (extra reps)

But that was not all. I tried something called the stress training. Okay, I named it that way, so not sure you will find anything on the net unless I write and make videos about it. :) Anyway, what did I do in the stress training. I tried holding dumbells of 12.5 kg each in front of my shoulder with my biceps being parallel to the ground and forearms 90 degrees with it. It is almost as if I am doing a shoulder exercise with weights, but the only thing is, I am not moving my hand at all. All I am doing is holding the position with the weights.

What does that do? Well, it is a known fact that weight held for a long time in the same position starts to test the muscles. So, the challenge is how long I can hold the dumbells. I did about a minute, and that was it. Let's see if I can improve over the next few days. I did a second version too. I held the same dumbells in my hand and walked without keeping the dumbells down. I could go on for ten minutes but had to keep the weights down at least four times. I am sure here too I can hold longer if I train more. So, that was all about stress training.

Finally, I got my Ho'oponopono sessions going. Today was one of the best sessions I had. I literally got out a lot of old buried guck from my mind. And, of course, disposed of it. I was actually feeling light. For those that don't know what Ho'oponopono is, here is my writeup on the same. Have a read and also do your research around this energy exercise.

What Is Ho'oponopono? | The Hawaiian Healing Technique

And after that, it was, as usual, back to fun times with my work. Oh, what a fantastic day, already!

Anyway, that's it from me for now. I will see you all tomorrow.




Did You Know?

The record for the most switch grip pull-ups is held by Ron Cooper of Massachusetts, USA. Ron completed 26 pull-ups in one minute. He is also the holder of two other records, which we had discussed in my earlier articles.

Ron holds more than 23 records, and we will be looking closely at each in the coming few days.

Phew! That man is incredible!


Image Courtesy: Geralt @Pixabay


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Written by   51
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