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How to enjoy your hard earned BCH!

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1 year ago
Topics: BCH, Travala, HODL, Crypto, Earnings, ...

BitcoinCash (BCH) as a way of life

All of us here on are well aware of BitcoinCash and its many great advantages, and are committed to it for one reason or another.

Some of us have (not me as of now) gathered some good amount of BCH in their wallets (hopefully soon I will too) and some have even started BCH centric projects of their own.

This is great for the long term value of the BitcoinCash as more and more people use the use becomes more widespread and does create a demand for its utility.

Hodling for life!?

Hodling is great and is a great way to secure the value in the volatile market and should not be underestimated.

I will always champion the 'Hold on' slogan however, I hate the terms like 'Hodl for life' or Hodl forever', I mean what the point? You just see the value increase of the coin and do nothing with it and just die in poverty!! That's stupid. That is why I say Hodl on but also take profit at right price.

Taking profit

I see some of the people here receive some BCH and immediately convert it to their fiat currency! that's a big no-no, if you have need and want to get some fiat to meet it then that's ok, but don't underestimate the power of accumulation.

Moreover there are other ways to use your BCH (or any crypto for that matter) then either Hodling it or converting it to fiat currency.

What I do with my BCH?

One of the reasons I have less BCH is because I spent some of it (I know it sounds anti-thesis to my 'Hodl on' motto) but I never spend more then the 50% of what I earn in Crypto.

How I earn my Crypto?

Mostly I earn the Crypto from a small selection of mediums:

  1. Read.Cash

    This where I have been spending most of my time, I love reading the articles here and writing them too, here I have rediscovered that passion for writing and have been blessed with some BCH in form of tips

  2. Noise.Cash

    It is no surprise that Noise.Cash would follow after and it is actually the first platform of the two that I joined. I start writing on only when I thought I need to write something that would be well suited in an article rather than a Noise post.

  3. Freelancing

    Some of you may know that I make wallpapers and I have had done some graphic designing jobs for various Crypto, I have designed mobile wallpapers, logos, posters and more for payments in different cryptocurrencies.

How I spend my Crypto?

I prefer not to convert my BCH or any other Crypto into fiat, and always try to spend it directly from my wallet.


  1. Because selling BCH have an adverse effect on its price

  2. Because using BCH directly from wallet promotes adoption


  1. Tipping

    Ok, so I don't have a lot of BCH but still if I like an article ot a noise post I try to tip it. This is a great way as it brings so much good into the world

  2. Buying Other Cryptocurrencies

    I don't like centralized exchanges, therefore if I need some other Cryptocurrency I generally use a swap services to convert one Crypto to another. I generally do that when I need a specific Crypto for a task, for example I once converted some of my BCH into ETH in order to pay for a smart contract that I wanted to run.

  3. Buying NFTs

    I am a fan of NFTs specially Blockchain domains and have brought some domains from Unstoppable Domains and one great thing about it is that you can buy it with Crypto and not just a Credit Card, I have written a whole article about the step-by-step process of buying a domain using BCH.

  4. Travel

    This is new for me, and though I knew about Travala but had just recently used it. I actually thought I would save my Crypto to be able to afford a flight from Travala and pay in Crypto but I have traveled that much in recent time. The recent trip I took for an weekend getaway I used Travala to book an activity at my destination and it was processed without a hassle.

We earn to spend

It is true that we should secure our future as well as enjoy our life, Crypto and especially BitcoinCash has given me that, I hope I can continue to contribute the CryptoVerse and make a decent earnings that I could spend directly.

It would be awesome to more businesses accepting Crypto payment and more websites like Travala will come up in the future.

By-the-way if you are curious about how booking and taking that trip through Travala works, check out the awesome video by Jason Carlo on YouTube.

He showed how he booked a hotel on Travala and checked into it without any hassle, he used the Nano CryptoCurrency (Which is also one one the coins I support).

One of the biggest worry I had was if I booked through Travala would anyone would be prejudice against me for using Crypto, but it doesn't show that you booked with Crypto and the booking printouts are like any normal booking voucher.

Check out he Video linked below:

In case the embedded video isn't working then here's the link for you

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Written by   127
1 year ago
Topics: BCH, Travala, HODL, Crypto, Earnings, ...
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My approach to earning, spending and hodling crypto is very much like yours. I like to hold or stake some part of my BCH, invest them in other tokens and I would be delighted to be able to spend it directly from my wallet. For the time being I haven’t found any shops in uk (near where I live) which would allow me to buy with crypto. It’s the first time I hear about Travala. I must check it out, thank you 💙

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1 year ago

It is almost impossible to find a shop which accepts Crypto but at least there are some good websites, most of them just sell vouchers and coupon code.

$ 0.00
1 year ago

Nice article! now I am contemplating what should do and how I spend my crypto. Right now I am just holding most of them and staking. Hmm, maybe traveling is my target :)

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1 year ago

Thanks, holding is great long term strategy and you should always keep some of your Crypto in a wallet of which you have the private keys. I wanted to add a few more website that accept crypto but I thought I should only include the ones that I have used. I am thinking about buying something from NewEgg but it seems that the prices are a bit too high over there.

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1 year ago