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Everything goes smoothly on my academic journey not until all the deadlines coincide within a week. It was the week that all the students are afraid of. It's what we called "Hell week". Hell as in hell. All the deadlines, final exams, projects and etc.

It's been a week since I last wrote an article here and as you notice, I have published a short article 2 days ago, saying I'm going to return here. Unfortunately, deadlines blocked my schedule. There are some unannounced deadlines that we need to finish.

Let's start last May 18, 2021. My techno groupmates decided to go here at our house and do our project which is the miniature of our machine. We don't yet have the final design so it took as a while before we finalize it. About 8:30, we had our dinner prepared by my Mom. Then after dinner, we proceed on our project.

Every one has their own work to do. One is preparing our advertisement, while the other one is calculating the dimension, while the other one is doing our miniature, while I finalize our design and the powerpoint presentation. After a long discussion, we finally came up with our design and decided to go for it.

Our company name, and its tagline

If you're wondering what our technology do is that it is a combination of three pili processing machines with different functions namely sorting, cracking and peeling. The word PiProMac was a combination of Pili Processing Machine.

At around 4am, we just finished the first machine of our technology. Imagine, we are combining 3 machines in one technology and the deadline will be on Thursday so we still have only 1 day to go.

After of almost hours of working, this is our progress. Well, it's not bad. We still have 24 hours to do it that time.

Wednesday, May 19, we have 3 scheduled examinations. First in 9am, second in 1pm, and third is on 4pm. I prepared first our breakfast. hehe

It was amazing taking the exams together with your classmates HAHAHAH sign language is the key. We can't freely talk to each other because our camera is on and our teacher might see us.

The exams are done, so we're back in our business. After the long hours of doing the miniature, we finally finished our design. I think we finished the miniature around 3am already. And if you're wondering what it looks like, here it comes...

After all the hardworks, tadaaan!!! It was worth it. We take some rest in the morning and prepare for our pitching in the afternoon.

The presentor of our technology will be based on the wheel of names that our professor have prepared. AND I DON'T REALLY KNOW WHY I'M ALWAYS THE "CHOSEN ONE". HAHAHA during our practice, I am also the one who presented our technology, and now, I'm the presentor again hahaha.

Well, after I presented our technology, they asked me several questions regarding our presentation and thanks God, I'm able to answer all of them. And yeaaaah, that's the end of the war hahahaha char. Raos na din sa wakas.

After the event, my groupmates decided to go home since they have been here for 3 days and 2 nights. Hahaha After they leave, my bestfriend, who was celebrating her 21st birthday, went to our house and asked me to accompany her in the church because she will light a candle.

After we have visited the church, she invited me to go to a food place near the church. She treated me with a tapsilog and a milktea.

After we ate, I asked my brother in law to come and fetch us because it was already 7pm and it's dangerous to walk outside. After a couple of minutes, he arrived and we safely arrived home.

I take a rest first by playing with my dog and with the other two dogs named Luna and Cooper - the blue-eyed puppies. <3

Around 9pm, I started our project again which deadline is on Friday. So, I installed again sketchup app and proceed to our project which is a greenhouse for tomato. I didn't imagine I will finish our project around 3am, AGAIN.

So, basically, for 3 days straight, I've sleep at 3am - 4am. On Friday morning, I woke up at around 11am which means, my breakfast and lunch will be as one. My mother didn't even bother to wake me up because she knew I was so tired. So yeah, in the afternoon, I still fixed our project because there are some errors or mistakes.

Around 4pm, we attended our class.

In the evening, I didn't even bothered to eat my dinner because I was so tired that I rather sleep than eat.

The morning came and my head was breaking!!! I never felt that pain before. It was migraine I think. It lasted until evening, and when evening came, I burning and have a fever. My mother gave me medicine to take and let me sleep. I got hungry so my sister cooked egg and noodles for me, then I sleep again.

Sunday morning came, but I am still not feeling well so I can't attend the mass. Unfortunately, it was also our renewal day. Hays I cannot even attend it. So my sister just prepared the papers for me.

I am not feeling well during the day so I just take some rest. I ate some apples brought by my partner.

It was a hobby to slice the apple then put some calamansi and salt. It's worth trying, I promise!

And now, I am trying my best to update here as long as I can. Thankfully I reached this stage in my article.

There's a lot of things to catch up here but I think my fever is coming back. Sana all bumabalik. Hahaha char. So, I took first my medicine before continuing writing here. hehe

Anyways, how are you all? I hope you're all doing great. Wag magaya saakin. Hahahaha. I hope you have enjoyed reading until the end. :)

ps. Thanks @TheRandomRewarder for still upvoting my post 2 days ago. :)

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Being a student is really hard, no? Keep up the hardwork, but don't sacrifice sleep too much, it's not healthy. I had a good read of your experience. Must have been hard, but look at you, still fighting. Godspeed! :)

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3 years ago

I just need to pass this week and I can take my rest finally. 😇

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3 years ago

I am rooting for you, as always. Good job! :)

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3 years ago

Keep the good work alive!!! 😊😊 You are doing great

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3 years ago

Aweee 🥺 Thank you! 😇

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3 years ago