Similarities: Commonalities in 2 months

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Have you ever experienced the moment when time seems to flew so fast? Like, you just had your breakfast, but you will not notice that it's already time to take your lunch?

That's currently what just happened. I never imagined I am now a member for 2 months? Yeeeeeey <3 I want to congratulate my self first. Anyways, for my article today, this is a challenge by Ms. @JonicaBradley about a writing prompt on the topic similarities. I was actually working on this last night but an emergency came up so I'm not able to finish it. I hope you'll all have fun reading this.

When we say similarities, these are the aspects that two or more things have in common. For example, both of us loves music, it's our similarity. However, we also have differences or the things that are different from one another which makes us unique. But for now, we will focus on this so-called similarities.


Based on Merriam-Webster Dictionary, similarity is:

1 : the quality or state of being similar : resemblance.
2 : a comparable aspect : correspondence.

People have similarities that brings themselves together. When I say brings themselves together, I meant closure and camaraderie between the same and opposite sex. Most likely, we can identify similarities (for an example) between an identical twins - having the same face shape, nose, lips, ears, eyes, eyebrows, skin, etc. But remember that there will always be something in twins that's distinguishes who is who.

Tom Robbins said, "Our similarities bring us to common ground; our differences allow us to be fascinated by each other". I believe it is incredibly amazing that we are all the same. It strengthens my faith because we are all children of God, therefore it seems natural that we would be so similar.


Everything has its own purpose in life. Even if you think you don't have. Like having similarities, it is important to know what good it can bring to us. We cannot just think of being similar as good. As everything has its purpose, it can also have its bad effects.

Purposes of Similarities

What I have listed here are just from my own experiences. If you have something to say, feel free to comment it down below. :)

What I meant with the purpose, is that it should answer the question "Why do we need to be similar when we can just have something no one has?"

  • Being similar builds camaraderie.

  • Being similar makes you feel you're not alone.

  • Being similar helps you find your interests.

  • Being similar means you don't have to prove yourself to anybody.

You might wonder why my title was like that - Similarities: Commonalities in 2 months. I am proud to say that I, noisytoothie, is now celebrating my 2nd month here in Time flew really fast.

In the past 2 months, I have seen lots of users with their own different genres or something they call their own. Apart from their different genres, I have also noticed that we have this what we called similarities.

For example, we have these communities which diverts us from one another's interest. There are communities for those who loves music, BCH and related stuffs, cryptocurrencies, lifestyle, experiences, etc. We might have noticed it but we all have our similarities that binds us as one. Isn't that great? Have you ever think about it? Because of these similarities we have, we are being united, and most importantly, we are able to explore our own ideas that is respected and appreciated by our commonalities.


As similarities has its purposes or advantages, it also have some disadvantages.

  • When you are similar, you tend to compare who is much better between the two of you.

  • When you have something in common, you tend to settle on what you only have. You don't try to explore new things since you are contented on what you and your buddies have in common.

  • When you are similar, you have the possibility to be insecure about yourself for the reason of comparing what you can do, to what they can do.

So, yeah. This article was greatly inspired by the article of Ms @JonicaBradley entitled Writing Prompt #3: Similarities. I love the idea of having likeliness between each and one of us. I hope I delivered a well article tonight. If you want to also join the challenge, just follow these simple rules from our creator. Happy reading!

The rules are as follows:

  1. Write anything about similarities

  2. Write 100% original content

  3. Write at least 600 words

  4. Tag meΒ @JonicaBradley

  5. Have fun

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