Reasons why I HATE YOU!

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3 years ago

So this article is not in my schedule. I usually set my schedule before going to bed on what topic or what time I will update here. But, an unexpected event happened, AGAIN.

It's been 9 months since our last confrontation. WE MADE IT CLEAR! Thus, you even planned on ruining your daughter's wedding?! HOW COULD YOU?!

YES! We loved you the way we should because you're our father, but it doesn't give you the right to do THIS to us! YOU'RE MORE PATHETIC THAN ANYONE ELSE! I know this is too blunt to say, but I just wanted to loose this out. I can't sleep tonight if I still have this.

What happened?!! HE JUST FED MY DOG LARGE BONES!!! My dog is still a puppy and we never really wanted to feed her with bones because it might choke her and cause her death! You never really cared for them! And that act of yours, bring back all the memories we had about you. You started it again - with your endless vice!

You even get jealous because we're allotting more money to her than to you. I guess you are not deserving anymore. How could be your mind so narrow that you think like that?


Tiniis ko lahat ng sakit na dinulot mo sa pamilyang ito. I even controlled my feelings kasi may asthma ako and it's not good for me to have an emotional breakdown kasi baka atakihin ako --- and yan ang ayaw kong mangyari because that will just worry my Mom. You are not the same person I idolized before. What happened?

Nagpakalulong ka sa bisyo mo! Walang araw na lumipas na hindi ka uminom. Kahit alam mong may asthma kami ni Bunso, you never stop taking your cigarette. Do you still even love us?

And the most hurtful thing that you did to us --- hinding hindi ko yun makakalimutan! ANAK mo kami! Babae kami!!!! May mga kapatid kang babae so BAKIT MO YUNG NAGAWA ???! Huh?!

I'm losing my temper right now!

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What did he do? I guess I got a grasp. This angers me to the bones He should rot in jail. And you, please stay strong. Don't let it affect your condition more. Please always pray and wait for you right time to heal. You're safe here. You're safe in God's hands. You are loved.

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3 years ago

Haaaays, I've been holding it for so long 'coz I don't want my family worry about me. Super thanks to this platform that I'm able to share and loosen out here. And yes, I'm always praying that everything will be okay.

My mom confronted him this morning saying everything happened last night, But he did not answered because he was too drunk to be conscious on his actions. We are back to normal again and hoping it won't be repeated again...

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3 years ago