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Journey with Bumblebee (Part3)

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4 weeks ago

Another day, another gala day!

It was our tradition to take a rest during weekends. We started our day today attending the first mass with the theme, "He is Risen: Celebrate the Savior". We arrived at the Church at 6:22am and after a few minutes, the mass started. The mass ended at 7:36am. We decided to buy first some groceries as we are just in the city.

We took a picture after the mass :)
Me, in front of the church

After we buy the groceries, we decided to go home.

In the afternoon, me and my partner decided to travel again, or have a "joyride" with our bumbleebee. So, everything is settled. At 2pm, we prepared ourselves and after the preparation, we decided to go. My sister shared me one time about the communal garden in our nearby barangay. She went there with her husband last week so we also decided to visit that place. So, that became our first destination.

This place was amazing. There are recycled bottles shaped as hearts, or like butterfly wings. The recycled materials were so aesthetically attractive in the eyes. Also we can see the Mayon Volcano at the side of the garden. It's not a spacious garden but the space were maximized ideally. The entrance fee is 10 pesos (about $0.2) for the maintenance of the garden. It's not just the view that is amazing, but also the people who made that garden possible. As we enter the garden, they will gratefully welcome you to their garden. You will really feel you're home. The ambiance is naturally made inside that garden. The gardeners will guide you inside so that you will feel comfortably. There are also some visitors that are having their good times together.

This craft is made with banig I think. :)
As you can see, this heart-shaped is made of bottles and at the back of that heart are plants planted inside the bottles. How amazing!
Also, this wing-shaped figure, this is also made of bottles. It was really a beautiful art!

If you're feeling hungry, there are some standby stores that you can choose. They are offering amazing foods that are so affordable! Some products are made with coconut, root crops, home-made recipes, and etc. There are also cold drinks if you are thirsty which is commonly called here as "palamig" that has different flavors. Me and my partner decided to be thrifty today so we just bought food that is worth 100 pesos (about $2). We bought 2 halo halo (35 pesos each), 2 kwekkwek (5 pesos each) and 4 chicken intestines (5 pesos each). It was a tummy-filler! We are really satisfied because their food is so delicious. I suddenly miss my childhood because we used to buy these during meryenda time. Who else can relate? Hahahahaha

Yum Yum Yum!!

After we eat, we decided to go for another tourist attraction which is a bit far away. We decided to use the "waze" app where you can find your location. It was just like a google map but it's more convenient to use. Next destination was about 8.8 km with 18 minutes of drive. We drive again. During our trip, we can see the beauty of nature in our surroundings, including the famous Mayon Volcano. I already saw it thousand times but I never get tired of it. It's perfect cone shaped made it so attention-seeker. Fast forward, we finally arrived at our destination. We parked first our Bumblebee at the parking lot then proceed at the registration. We paid 50 pesos (about $1). We are shocked because it was too expensive. We didn't expect that. But because we are so excited, we still go and paid the fee.

This is the name of the tourist spot we visited

What caught our attention was the flowers planted inside the garden. They were so aesthetically planted with proper rows and spacing. The colors of the flowers were also divided. We can also see here the Mt. Mayon but unfortunately, the clouds cover it so, yeah, we didn't able to take a picture. Anyways, I have here some photos of the flowers that I can show to you.

There was also a handmade tree-style which looks natural when you're in a distant.

Feeling model HAHAHA

We had a really great time in that place. However, we are not allowed to stay there longer because it's getting dark and travelling at night is a little bit dangerous because of some accidents that happened recently, so we decided to go home already. We leave the place and went home.

This day was a another memorable day! Guys, enjoy your day to the fullest. You never know when will your last day will be. Surround yourself not just papers, materials, office projects, store atmosphere, and etc. Let yourself breath. Everyone deserves that!

This will be the end for the part 3 of our Journey with Bumblebee. I hope you had fun reading this. Til the next part!

If you haven't read the previous parts, just click Part 1 and Part 2.

Have a great evening! :)

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Written by   13
4 weeks ago
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