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Journey with Bumblebee (Part2)

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1 month ago

"A journey with a thousand miles, begins with a single step"

The road we take going to Vera Falls

Having someone to be with you during your journey in life is, I can say, one of the best feeling. Imagine having someone to talk to you, to make you smile, someone you're comfortable with, someone who will buy your needs, someone who can have the shoulders to lean on, someone you can call your "buddy", and someone you can own as your love. Though it is not easy to find such person, so grab your chance if you have already met a person that qualifies the above traits. Find someone who can be your companion in your first step in a thousand-mile journey.

Everyone deserves to have their free-time, away from stress and away from problems. This is what I am thankful for - for finding someone who will grab me away from all the stress and problems I have in my academics. Whenever I feel tired, and I'm just free, he will invite me to go to some places to ease my mind and take a breath. He is not a perfect man, but there is nothing more that I can ask to him. Even though I didn't asked for it, he will give it to me. He knows me more than I know myself. He buys me my favorite Jollibee when I'm not in the mood. He knows how to respect me. What I love him the most is that, he joins me during our service in church.

Love a man who loves God first, he will surely love you more than you ever imagine.

This was after our Sunday service last December 2020

Why does we also need to travel?

I believe that having some time for yourself to relax is essential especially in your health conditions. Over focus and over stress is extremely bad. You need to breath some fresh air for you to stay healthy and stay focus. BALANCE is the key. Go to some places where there are trees or mountains, as long as it's bright to see and it's on nature.

Stop over when we're on our way to Vera Falls

Life isn't about just pushing or going forward. You need to take some rest, some time to refocus again. Everything that's too much isn't good.

In our language, this is called "Budol Fight"

After more than an hour of travel, we arrived at our destination and prepared our food. This is called "budol fight" where we are going to eat with your hands - no utensils allowed. It was a tradition especially during family gatherings or outings. :)

Fill not just your heart but also your tummy. Health must always be prioritized.

The amazing Vera Falls!

This is the famous Vera Falls. The water here is so refreshing and cold. Even if you were just in the water for about 10 minutes, you will already shiver with cold.

Life isn't about your own fulfillment, it's also about the fulfillment you feel when you're with your company :)

Live your life to the fullest. Go when you still can. Travel when you still have time. Relax while you're still not busy. Life doesn't revolve about getting money, paying loans, getting your daily needs, it's also about how you prioritize yourself amidst all your outcomings in life. Give yourself some alone time because everybody deserves to be happy and contented.

Good night everyone! :)

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Written by   13
1 month ago
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