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3 years ago

Inspired by the article of @Ellehcim "Insecurities do not equate flaws" , I became more eager to share with you what I've going through all my life.

I always believe that there is something beautiful in every thing we have. Just like the title of this article, inse-cute-rities. Yeah it might sound fun to you, but I find it so witty. Hahaha I just thought of it when I'm inside the church this afternoon.

Let's start with my physical appearance. I'm not tall, I'm just 5'3 in height, have a normal body shape, not slim nor not fat, have a long wavy hair, a round face, a pinkish or reddish lips (?) ( I mean, my normal lipcolor 'coz I'm not used with cosmetics), a "pango" nose (if you know what I mean), 20-20 vision eyes that I've got from my mom and a face that's not a clear skin one.

Body Shape

I think I'm gaining weight here haahahha

Way before, I'm not really conscious on how my body looks like, even if I have some belly fats or stretchmarks. But as I grow older, I came into this society where everyone "needs" to be body conscious for you to be noticed or be popular. I just don't understand some people who says "no to body shaming" but they, themselves, are shaming other's body. I mean, we all just want to be accepted and be "us". I suddenly want to have a regular diet though I love eating. My friends told me that I'm not getting weight but I still feel it and it made me conscious.

I know that there are no rules saying you need to be thin, or sexy for you to be accepted but it saddens me to think that that's how societies made us feel.

Especially girls, we don't need to be in comparison with others. You are "YOU" and no comments or discriminations should put you down. Love yourself. Keri natin yan!


It's been criticized that every country has their own kind of nose. Hahaha It made me laugh just to talk about this. Filipinos are said to be "pango" or the kind of nose that is not tall or pointed (?) I don't know that right term. I got my nose from my grandma, my mother's mother and my nose became my biggest asset and identity when someone sees me and ask me where family I came from.

My sisters are also teasing me with my nose because of all siblings, I'm the one who's nose is not great (?) or properly aligned? HAHAHAH well, you know it. I also had the nickname "Pangs", short for "Pango" or "Panget". Well I just accepted it as time goes by. HAHAH I can't do nothing about that. But I learned to appreciate it because no one can appreciate it except me. Even my partner is enjoying pinching and holding it. HAHAH well if that's what makes him happy.

But, I believe that it should not define you because you don't belong to those types of noses. As you can see, some foreigners are more attracted with "pango" rather than those who have a beautifully-build noses. But no offense to them 'coz honestly, I envy them sometimes but I guess it's not a bad gesture. What do you think?


My sister and me <3

I don't know why but I'm not fond of using cosmetics just like my friends or other girls I see. I always find them so pretty whenever they are wearing make-ups but when I tried it on, I look so weird. :D Maybe because I'm not used to it.

Though, I'm fine with what I have now, I still need to learn about this things, just like what my sister told me. In the future, I need to make my self presentable by using these products and I know I still have long way to go before I reach that stage.

Wavy Hair

Unlike my 2 sisters, who has a straight hair, I have a wavy hair that goes frizzy whenever I'm outside. And you know what? Sometimes, it makes me mad having these kind of hair because I don't have the chance to lay it off freely just like what others do. I always believe that the hair is the crowning glory of every girl.

My hair is not that frizzy when you look at it, but when you hold and feel it, well, you will be amazed HAHAHAH it always need comb. But whenever I take pictures, my hair is behaving so well. It is photogenic as always and that's one thing I love about my hair. You might think it's beautiful in picture but it's only in the picture, I assure you. Hahahaha I've been planning to cut my hair again, but majority of my friends and family don't agree with me. Btw, my hair is still the natural hair I have. I haven't tried going to the parlor and have it rebonded or what.


Waaaaaah This is one of my insecurities as of now. I think instead of growing tall, I'm becoming smaller and smaller. Or it's just that my youngest sister, who was only 12 years old, has almost the same height as me. Hahahaha. I guess the youngsters nowadays are growing so fast.

One of my friend teases me being small but my other friend says the other one. Hahaha I got used to it and I just accepted it. You know, there's a saying, "small but terrible" Hahahaha But I believe I still have a normal height compared to others. Let's just stick to that.

I've mentioned everything I have, physically. Emotionally, I also have insecurities. Sometimes, I thought, "Why am I like this? Why do I have to act like this?" or like "Why don't I have the courage to say no?" or "Why do I have this kind of life, social or emotional?" "Why do I have this illness?", "Why?".

Lots of Why but the only answer is ACCEPTANCE. Why do I need to worry about those things when I have also somethings they don't have? Everyone is unique in their own special way. Accepting the facts that you have these insecurities will make your life inverted the way they used to be.

Example, instead of questioning your life, why don't you just go with its flow? Instead of stressing yourself out because of your insecurities, why don't you just do the things you're good and proud at? Never settle on the things that will make you realize how weak you are. You are just degrading yourself, you are just pulling yourself down.

This world is not perfect so you don't need to be one. No one decides for yourself - only you. Turn these insecurities to inse-cute-rities and make a change for yourself.

Remember, ACCEPTANCE is the key.

Good Evening. I've been doing this article for about 2-3 hrs already. I'm kinda realizing things here and as you can notice, I am enjoying sharing this with you because FINALLY, I did something I'm proud of.

One friendly piece of advice - whenever you have these anxieties or insecurities, try to talk to Him. It's proven and tested. Godbless!

Thank you @Ellehcim for inspiring me to do these kind of article. Godbless sis! <3

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3 years ago


Yoi are to much pretty than i knew😐😐

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3 years ago

Oh, how happy I am that I was able to inspire at least one person when I wrote that article. Yes, we are ll beautiful. We should believe it first, before others do. You are gorgeous! Lots of hugs! <3

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3 years ago

Aweee 🥺 Looking forward for more of your articles! Keep writing. ❤️

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3 years ago