First Day of August Adventure

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I don't know actually where to start this article. Maybe I'll start this with this thought "Yesterday was not just the first day of the month, but also the first Sunday of the month".

Last Saturday, the last day of July, I had some unexpected plans and I had to deal with it. Everything goes smoothly. On the evening, I prepared a gift for a priest in our parish because he will leave on Monday for his new assignment. I decided to give him an alcohol bottle with a crochet bag. I had difficulty learning how to do crochet but a big help to youtube. :) Here is the crochet I am working on.

Still have a half way to go, but
I still made it!

I should have finished my gift here, but I decided to include some pictures too. It's not what you think, like putting picture in the bottle. It is a separate one. I made a picture collage and I hope Father will love it. <3

Sunday, August 1, 2021

I woke up around 5am. I only had 3 hours of sleep because I finished my work around 2am. My headaches really bad so I took my breakfast and drink my medicine for pain reliever. After that, I prepared myself. Took a bath, change clothes, then prepare everything. I really made sure not to forget my gift.

I had to commute yesterday because my sister, who have a motorcycle, is not feeling well because she went to the dentist last Saturday to have her tooth extracted. I left our house around 6:08 am.

I took a photo when I was on my way. I had a caption there, saying "Ngayon nalang ulit". It's been months since I last ride a tricycle. We already have our private vehicle that's why I tend to now commute anymore.

Fast forward, I arrived at Church at around 6:28. Gladly, the mass hasn't started yet. Around 7:40am, the mass has ended. My partner will have his first day of work today, Monday, so we decided to take a day of adventure. He will be gone for about a month.

We first went to Jollibee and bought some breakfast. We wanted to make the most of our day so we decided to spent as much as we can. Hehe

Amounting to Php 222.00 or about $5.

I had some pictures here so enjoy taking a look. :) Just read every caption.

From the parking area, we still have to walk about 8 minutes.
The road is like this.
The management haven't made this road concrete maybe because they still don't have enough budget for it.
A hiking we never expected hahahaha
On this side of the road, they are already fixing the road. However, this is not from the management of Hobbit Hill but on some other new tourist site.
Up there, I think it was the new tourist site they talk about
As you can see, we also have some company here. There are also families visiting this tourist site.
The road seems to be a little bit dangerous but it can be managed
But what's fascinating is that on your way there, you will see this Majestic Mt. Mayon. Unfortunately, the clouds covered it top.
The road is somewhat muddy because of the rain
On the other side of this hobbit hill is another hill called campsite. It's 1kilometer apart.

This is the view below the hill

For the next pictures, these are the pictures of flowers and views I captured. I just had fun taking these pictures so I decided to include them in my collections. :)

The first picture I captured

Ps. I really included the water mark of the phone for me to prove I really had captured them Hahaha

I captured this when I am inside a mini house. :)
I think I had captured this perfectly! ohmyyyyy
And also this!
Pardon with my hand HAHAHAHAHA

We don't want to go yet but we still have appointments in the afternoon. My mother asked me to buy some groceries and ingredients because she's going to cook a little for a simple celebration. Around 11:30, we finished buying everything so we finally headed home.

After arriving, we took a rest and even fell on a nap. We had our lunch at 12:30.

Father Ever, our closest friend priest, asked us if we can join him to serve in two barangays around 2:30 and 4pm. We agreed so we prepared ourselves.

We arrived at church around 2:30 pm. We were just in time. We attended two holy mass. At the end of th4pm mass, we took our last photo with Father.

We will badly miss you, Father! Til we meet again. <3


People come and go. It's been 3 years since Father Ever came here in our parish. Time flew so fast. He is such a good friend. Whenever he's sharing his homily, everyone was listening. He even included jokes in his homily to make people listen to him and pay attention to what he's saying. His technique is really unique.

After that day, I realized that there are people who will just pass by in our life, but will not stay. It's hard to bid goodbye but we must too. Not just when it comes to friendship, but also in other kinds of relationships. Whenever we have to leave someone, or someone needed to leave us, we always cry. We feel as if everyone left has because that someone is already your world.

In relationships, there are no such thing as always happy. Being happy always means imbalance for me. It's not neutral. It's just like, having the same set of breakfast, lunch and dinner. Nothing new, nothing exciting.

We need to experience every single emotions we have. In the recent Korean drama I watched, entitled "My Roommate is a Gumiho", the gumiho there has been living for almost 999 years and still not transformed into a human being. He had this red marble stone that turns blue when he is in the door in becoming a human. However, he thought that what will turn him into human is the human energy, but he's wrong. What will turn him into human is humanity. He needs to know the feelings of humans, the emotions they possess, the experiences that teaches us. At the end, he slowly learned all those emotions, and he's one biggest sacrifice finally made him into human.

Expressing emotions is natural for us. That's why, whenever someone is making efforts for us, we feel happy. When we hurt someone, we feel guilty. When someone, left us, we are sad and crying. These are all natural, and it's also natural to move on from these emotions. It maybe hard, but it will be worth it.

We felt sad but when we remember all the memories, the sadness we felt gradually changes into happiness. I heard someone say, "We felt sad when our loved ones left as because of what we called memories". And then it hit me. Indeed. Memories brings back the good and bad times, that's why we can never escape our reality.

On the other hand, being appreciated is the best gift ever. As I said here earlier, I decided to give Father Ever a simple gift and here is his response.

This really made my day!

I still had a lot to say and share, but I guess I'll end it here. I hope you also have some of our realizations. It's really great to think about it sometimes. It feels refreshing.

All presented pictures are owned by yours truly. :)

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That's thoughtful of you to give a gift/s. You do give importance to people. I like that Hobbit Hill. I was wondering why it was named like that until I saw in one of your photo the circle window and that made me connect to a Hobbit house :)

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2 years ago

Thank you so much for your appreciation! :) That place was so wonderful that it can really relieve your stress and anxieties. :)

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2 years ago