Finally Graduating!!! (PART 1)

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2 years ago

I really miss being here in! 😁Thankfully, @TheRandomRewarder still knows me and appreciated my current post. As promised, here is the second part of my recent post entitled "Am I still welcome here?"

How's everyone? I've been meaning to upload yesterday but my backlogs won't me. I just had the time today, since I just finished the reviewer assigned to me.

Going back to my previous topic, which is about our thesis, I really have a lot to rant and a lot to share with you guys. This is not just about the process, but also for those people who are involved.

So, after our final thesis defense, me and thesismates decided to make adjustments in our papers since the panelists have something they recommended during the defense and we are obliged to include it in our hardbound manuscript.

We still have 2 weeks to prepare for the final manuscript so we expend every single day revising and editing our papers. Technically, I was the one who is finalizing the papers, I mean, I am the one who is editing the final papers. All I need to do is asked my thesismates the necessary adjustments to be done. We even need to do our papers overnight in my thesis mate's boarding house, which was way more convenient since we are together in doing our thesis.

Everything is in control except for my one thesismate who is, somehow, gets into my nerves. I know every group have this member who is not a "helping hand" that much, though she is willing to help. But, what we noticed that she always complain about the things assigned to her. Like, "my laptop is not functioning well", "I have no internet connection" (but then she always video calls her bf). Reasons like that that make me so mad at her. But I won't show it in front of her 'coz I'm not that kind of person who is prank who can say anything I wanted to say.

We are 3 in the group and my other groupmate also noticed that thing about her. To my surprise, he has also some rants about her. We just decided to keep quiet unless our patience went out. Fortunately, we are able to survive those dying times of our lives 'coz our graduation certificate depends on our final manuscript. No manuscript, no graduation.

When we finally finalized our manuscript, we then bring it to a book binding shop and been told to return after 3 days. It's Sunday I volunteered to get the manuscript since my 2 thesismates went to their homes. Since I was the one who is near, I went and get it. I was really mad that time, because the book binding shop told us to get the manuscript by 4pm. We arrived at 4pm, and were told to return the next day because it was not yet ready!!! I've travel almost 1 hr just to get there, and will just return the next day???? I was really mad that time. But I didn't dare to say anything to them 'coz I can't.

I woke up at 5am the next day and get myself ready. Thankfully, my boyfriend accompanied me in going there. Thankfully, he has a motorcycle so it won't be a hassle to commute. We arrived there at 6:30am and went back immediately at school because the deadline of manuscript is as 8am. Thankfully, we came just in time. I am really thankful!!!

Presenting our department!
Thank you for your help, Love!! 😍❤️

And YES!!! We survived!!!! At last! 😇 Thank you G! and to everyone who helped in making our thesis a success. May God bless us all! 🥰

Wait for my next post!! It's our graduation pictorial! OMGGGGG FINALLYYYY!!!

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2 years ago