Am I still welcome here?

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2 years ago

Hi everyone! It's been 3 months since I last posted here in Time flew so fast! Indeed! I've been wondering if I am still welcome here? ahahha or nah?

I think March 1, 2022 is my last update here, so it's really great to be back.! During the past months, I've been focusing on my studies. Actually, I've a lot to share with you all. Those happy moments, dull moments, breakdown moments, and etc.

I think I will start with the thing that kept me busy for the past 3 months - THESIS. Thesis might be one of the nightmares of students when it comes in academics. Thinking, "why would I exert so much effort in just a unit subject?", or "Is this really worth the time and effort?". Those questions also came into my mind.

But, doing thesis isn't all about works and computations, it also teaches us many things we didn't thought we don't know. While doing thesis, I realized that I can be more of what I'm capable of doing. Though, during those time, I experienced different emotions that I didn't expect to feel.

March 3, 2022 when we started to test our machine which is a Multi-Commodity Washer and Dryer. When we say "multi-commodity", it means that we can use this machine to wash and dry different crops. In our study, we use ginger, sweet potato, and taro as test materials.

What delays our testing is the resources needed to conduct the test. It's hard to look for a supplier of these crops knowing that we need almost 50 kilos per crop. Thankfully, we've found different suppliers who have helped us in our testing and we are beyond thankful to them.

Testing don't just come with feeding crops in the machine, but also comes with physical characterization of each crop. In the characterization, we characterized them by different parameters, which includes angle of friction, angle of repose, bulk density, its dimensions, and its moisture content. The time-consuming of all is the moisture content determination. In this parameter, we will place 5 pieces of crops inside an oven with a certain temperature, and then wait for an hour to weigh it again. The process will only stop when the 5 crops weigh the same for 3 trials. We need to do this for the 3 commodities that's why it took us almost one and a half month to finish testing.

Ginger's moisture content determination
Washing of ginger
Oven used in moisture content determination

I remember, we are testing in the middle of the night because the supplier delivered the commodities around 10pm. Thankfully, we are still at school and we are still awake. It was really hard throughout the testing, but it's all worth it at the end.

After all the hard works, the panels will now judge whether our thesis is worth it or not. This is what we call DEFENSE PROPOSAL. We had our final defense last April 27, 2022 and thankful that we had finally defended our thesis. And all that matters is the revising and hardbounding of our manuscript, which is another story to tell 'coz I had a lot of rants and chika's there hahaha.

had a picture of myself 'coz, why not?
Congrats Team!!!
Thank you, Board of Panels! ❤️

This is all for now. With regards to the revising and hardbound, it's another story to tell! I'm really glad I came back here. I feel like, I'm carrying a burden I don't know how to carry. This site is really my other world!

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2 years ago


Welcome back! Okay lang, take the rest you want, lagi lang welcoming si for all of us. :)

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2 years ago

Hi Ateeee!!! 😇 it's nice to be back here. Hehehe buti kilala pa ako ni trr

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