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2 years ago

Achievement is one of the reason why we strive harder that we thought we can. We want to achieve something that's why we're doing everything we can just to get that thing. It is something that pay offs our hard works and sacrifices in life.

March 13, 2020 - the day that classes, works and other outside activities got postponed. It feels like yesterday. Time flew so fast and the fact that we can still manage to survive today, is indeed a great blessing.

For a student like me, nothing is more contenting than achieving our goals in life as future professionals. For a simple basis, like submitting a project or assignment, is already a small achievement for us. Especially that activities are too much loaded to us compared when we have our classes at school. Struggles are real, patience have gotten shorter, anxieties went up, stress visited us, and even "what ifs" started to be our biggest question.

The school should end at June 2020, but because of the unexpected pandemic, the school year was forced to end. We made a lot of adjustments, submitting all the pending outputs, trying so hard to be updated on every day's announcement, and such.

On August 2020, the annual year 20210 - 2021 has started. And I am now a third year college student. I just need to pass 4 semesters, until I graduate. During that whole school year, we have encountered different circumstances such as blackouts, even got hit about 5 typhoons in just a month resulting to power interruption for almost a month.

December 2020 will be the end for the 1st semester in A.Y. 2020 - 2021. Since there is a huge black out within our province, the Commission on Higher Education decided to just end the semester because the hope were too small. The power returned before Christmas that's why we are so glad.

Moving forward, second week of January was the start of our second semester. I just can't believe that during the month of blackout, our professors had time to manipulate and learn how to use online applications or websites. Hahahaha they became more attentive to us. They became so strict. We had classes everyday. I even had problem with my schedule before since I joined here last March 9, 2021.

Getting to the point, I just can't believe that's it's already July. In fact, just a day to go, it's already August. Our second semester ended last May, 2021 but since we are in 3rd year, we are required to have an Industry Immersion Program (IIP) or OJT. There are many conflicts regarding the conduct of the activity. But they still have finalized it to be on June 21, 2020. Struggles have been our enemy the whole semester.

I know you're already too bored reading that long message above, but I just wanted to reminisce my times during that academic year. Now, I am turning 4th year college student. I just enrolled actually a while ago. It seems not real tho.

Today is a special day for me and to my co-students. Today is our recognition day, and I am so blessed to be one of the Academic Awardee in our course.

Yes, I received an award for the 1st and 2nd semester. I feel like floating. It's my first time receiving an award from our school. I am not that active when it comes to extracurricular activities. But I still made it!

My bestfriend also made it to the top. :) I am so proud of them! <3

I am not posting this to brag, but to inspire. I also had my anxieties, breakdown period but I still chose to stand up. No one can help me except myself.

So for anyone out there who had doubts about your capacities and abilities, just believe in yourself. No one can change your future except you. Your doubts will just be a hindrance for your success.


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All we need is to believe and yes we can. Congratulations to you on the achievements you've made so far.

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