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3 years ago

I'm always surrounded by people

and yet I feel alone.

I see myself outside looking in

even though I call this place my home

I enjoy my time talking to others

but somehow I still feel unheard.

I know my friends do love me

but I guess I don't love myself

I wonder what is wrong me

feeling sad for being there.

  • Okay! so written above is a poem of feeling alone in a crowded room. I don't know about you guys, but I for one have felt this way for more than just one occasion, and I am here to tell you that it is okay!

  • No one should ever feel obligated to feel better just because they are surrounded by people who love them. Take your time, breathe, let the people who truly love you see the dark side of your smile.

  • If they are sincere they will stay, but if they leave, take no account for that. That is their choice and they shouldn't matter more to you than how you matter to yourself.

  • Once you feel like your back up standing in your own two feet, remember to strive and appreciate the people who stayed through your worse to see your best. If no one stayed then celebrate your own victories. You shouldn't feel less successful if no one is genuinely happy for you.

  • You can be your own cheerleader and it's okay! There is no rulebook in life that someone else should cheer us and support us in everything we do. Yes! I know it would be better if there was someone there however, no one can ever be there for you 100% like you can be for yourself.

  • Everybody is going through somethings on their own so you should never lean and depend your happiness on anyone but yourself.

  • I am not telling you to shut the world out, I am telling you to love yourself first. This way no matter how crowded or how empty a room is you can still be happy. Relationships are just bonuses that will serve as an icing on your supper yummy "self" cake.

So yes to conclude the poem:

I came to realize,

I can never be happy with anyone or anywhere.

Unless I learn to be happy with myself.

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3 years ago


I agree, at first you need to love and accept yourself because if you do you will know how to value and cherish the people around you.

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3 years ago