It Ends With Us (Book Review)

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2 years ago

It ends with us by Colleen Hoover

Who knew a book can be so personal and yet be so relatable to a lot of people.

This book is one of the most personal novels written by Colleen Hoover since she based this story from her own life story and portrayed it in a way that everyone, one way or another, could understand.

At first this fictional book seems like a cliche Young Adults novel however, when you get pass through some chapters you'll realize that it is more than just a plot of romance.

Abuse is one hot topic in our society today and this book tackles it from different angles.

To give you an idea without actually spoiling the book, it is about a girl who was raised in an abusive family. A girl who promised herself to never be in the situation her mother was in. What would she do if she realized she was following her footstep, forgiving the man she loves for every hit she takes?

I highly reccomend this book if you want to be aware and conscious about abuse, if you are going through abuse, and if you know someone who is abused.

Read with caution though, it may trigger some of you. Always prepare some napkins for those unexpected tears. Reach out to someone you love if ever you need someone to talk to. My DMs are always open too if you want to talk to a stranger and need some help.

You can try download the soft copy of the book online 😉

Leave a comment below if you have read the book or if you want to read the book and why.

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