Day 3: California Girls

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3 years ago

Hi RC community Day 3 to my 30 days music challenge and I'm ecstatic to feature Katy Perry.

Day 3: A song that reminds you of summertime

She is a singer whose songs I love to sing to. No matter if its pop or ballad. She just write tunes that will make you rock in the showers.

As for the challenge, it asked for a song that makes me remember summertime. Immediately I thought of Katty Perry's "California Girls"single.

I always love listening to this song whenever it is hot out or we are going to a trip with pools or beaches.

The tune is upbeat but anyone can follow it and sing along. Dancing to its beat gives you an aura of feeling sexy in the summer even if you lack the so called summer bod.

  • Other songs I love from Katy Perry

There goes my 3rd day into the challenge and my special feature of Katty Perry

Here's a link to my Day 2 post

Thanks for reading

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