She's Single Not Because... but Because...

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She's single not because no one wants to offer love to her

but because she doesn't still have the energy to reciprocate the feelings that the other person has for her.

She's single not because she doesn't believe in love

but because love for her is a precious and a serious thing and believes that once she played with it, it will backfire on her in the future.

She's single not because she doesn't want to be hurt because of love

but because she once believed in love but it ended up breaking her and that caused her to protect herself even more from those people who just want to take advantage on her.

She's single not because she is weak to handle a relationship

but because she's strong enough to leave a relationship wherein respect is no longer there.

What matters to her right now is to have a PEACE OF MIND.

She's single not because she doesn't have time for love

but because she understands that love has its own perfect timing,

there's no need to rush because she believes that it will come no matter how long the waiting time is,


She's single not because she doesn't know how to love

but because she loves herself so much to the extent that she built walls around her

and she'll only let her guard down when she finally see the man she deserves.

She's single not because she's still hurting

but because she's been HEALED, finally REALIZED HER WORTH and settling for bare minimum will not be part of her choices this time.

It's just she's really having a difficult time to find a man who will truly deserves her.

She's single not because she doesn't have any choice

but because she chooses single life this time to be able to concentrate more on herself for now.

She's single not because she has a very high standard when it comes to choosing a partner

but because she wants her next relationship to be her last that is why she's taking her time

She's just making it sure not to make a mistake again this time.

Not because she's single right now would mean that she will be forever single

but she just promised herself to stay single not until she'll find that right man who's worthy enough for the love that she has to offer.

But for now, she's still having a difficult time in trusting people again,

that's why if you really want her in your life,

before you finally decide to enter her life,

give her lots of assurance

and please make it sure that you have clear intentions

because all that she can offer is her pure heart to the person she will finally choose.

She promised herself that once she already find "THE ONE," she'll give love another shot without any hesitations.

Yes, the right person will come and that's a promise ❣️

PS: My very first article here in is almost the same with this one. I just made a little revisions and I want it to share with you.

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1 year ago


Yes! Be single and enjoy life. True love comes from within. When you are ready to love, everything will fall into piece.

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1 year ago

Yes my friend. Love cannot be rush. There's no race when it comes to live. There's a right time for that for the right person too.

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1 year ago