Finally I am done with my exams

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3/30/22 Greetings to all, Hope everyone is doing fine.

  • For the last two days, I was unable to write anything on this platform because I was preparing for my exam.

  • Exams became my headache seriously, I don't want to see my books for the next few days and to my bad luck, my new semester and papers of the previous semester were going side by side.

  • Today finally I have done with my 5th semester and now I am in the 6th semester.

  • for over the past two years, we were giving online exams because of covid.

  • I am tired too much I don't want to lift any muscle in my body. So I lazily sat up and tried to write everything that comes to my mind right now.

  • Today I have practical of therapeutic exercises and techniques. So, we have 2 questions for written and Our internal helped us gladly.

  • I thought she was not going to help us but she did. She is my favorite teacher because hr concepts are clear and she teaches us in a way we never get tired at least I am not.

  • She's a great doctor as well as a good teacher.

  • There is one student in my class she is really something. I don't know but when she needs help with her studies she comes to us but when we need her she just I don't know and I don't study this question. I know we are not in elementary school so helping out your classmate would not cause a problem

  • If you know some points you can share them to help the other students to help to clear their concepts. But not all people are the same.

  • What are you guys doing? I am curious because I have today's night free and from tomorrow on I will stuck with my new books and new semester.

  • Ramazan Kareem is also coming I am excited. This month we will be able to relieve all of our worries and anxieties.

    Ramazan Mubarak to all of you. Remember me in your prayers.

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That's good that you got rid of your exams. And I can understand that "online exam" headache. Glad you survived­čśâ

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