"If you like Gold there are many reasons you should like Bitcoin cash"

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2 years ago

Greetings to all, Hope everyone is doing healthy and fine.

Bitcoin is exciting me with how cheap a transaction can be


My experience with Bitcoin

I have had a good experience so far with Bitcoin or Bitcoin cash. These are the currency that has a cheap transaction rate that is a huge help for the broke people or student like me.

Anyways many websites allow you to work and earn in bitcoin cash...

When I work on those websites during the covid era I have the best experience and it gave me financial stability...

When we grow up as students there are too many expenses that we hesitate to ask for more money from our parents... cryptocurrency helps me enough for my monthly allowance management...


Noise cash is a minor blogging platform in which you can write your thoughts...

It's the best platform where you can share the best experience that happens in your daily life...

You can also share your thoughts openly and no one will come to judge you...

It's the platform that gives you money for sharing your thoughts...

You can also give tips to the people who write well...

People on noise cash give you tips if they like your post... the tip represents they like your work and want you to keep writing...

It's a good experience you can also start to write...

I know at first I dislike long writing, I was unable to write for more than three to four words...

But on noise cash, it gives me ideas and inspiration that I can I also write my imaginations...

Read cash:

You hear that:

Where there is a will there us away.

Sames goes for reading cash where there is noise cash there will be real cash.

Read cash as you all know because I am also working on reading cash. Is the best platform to write and share your personal experience in long writing in the form of blogging...

Blogging is the thing I wanted to do for a long because I think sharing throughs with people is the best thing you can always convey your experience and your way of thinking to the people...

Who knows because of your words and from your experience someone's life change and they can gain more knowledge...

So always spread positivity in any way you can get...


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Thank you for reading until the end hope you like it.

Please share your thoughts silent readers.

Wish you all best of luck for the day.

Enjoy your weekend.

There are my other articles hope you find them...


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2 years ago


This platform is the best

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2 years ago

Indeed Bitcoincash is never less than the gold because of it's less transaction fee and fast Transaction speed Also it spreading it's awareness and helping the people through blogging platforms that's why BitcoinCash is much precious than gold

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2 years ago